Friday, September 14, 2012

Andrei Kostitsyn to KHL?, NHL CBA Update, Habs Management and More

Andrei Kostitsyn - Nashville Predators v Phoenix Coyotes - Game One
Happy Friday Habs fans!

This morning it appears that former Montreal Canadiens' forward Andrei Kostitsyn is heading to the KHL. At least according to reports out of Russia, he has signed a one-year deal with Traktor Chelyabinsk.

I realize AK46 is one streaky player, but he is someone who can regularly deliver 20 goals, 40 points and over a 100 hits.

While lesser players continuously get opportunities to live up to their potential, it is baffling that no NHL team saw fit to take a chance on him.

In situations like this, I can't help but think the bias against Russians is clearly in play. Then again, how progressive can a league run by rich, white men actually be?

Habs and Hockey News

- Hockey Inside/Out introduces us to the Habs' new management team.

- In CBA news — which, I suspect, you are all sick and tired of — both sides are pretty much blaming the other. Gary Bettman and the owners agree on a lockout. Donald Fehr says it can be avoided and it's the owner's fault.

- continues its strong CBA coverage. Scott Burnside profiles Donald Fehr's role as union chief and Katie Strang looks at how the players are forming a united front.

- Elsewhere, USA Today has an insightful history of the current labor stalemate.

- The looming lockout is already impacting employees of NHL teams. For example, Montreal is imposing a four-day work week. Not the worst fate in the world I suppose. You know, unless you needed that extra day of salary to, I don't know, pay the bills.

- Famed Swedish club Djugardens was relegated to the second division last season. The IIHF's Henrik Manninen previews the team's upcoming journey back to the top division.

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Rich white men? I can't believe you actually put that down. Seriously, isn't this the same guy (AK) that went partying the night before a big playoff game this past year? Oh, and by the way, when it's your money (owner) you get to decide how you want to spend it.


I most certainly put that down.

Of course you can spend your money where you wish. And as a GM, you can make the best decisions you see fit.

But the NHL is a league full of second and third chances. I simply can't help but think AK46 did not get one at least in part due to his nationality and the perception that goes with that.

Hi Louis:
I take it that you're a Habs fan. If you are, then I'm guessing you've watched a number of games in which AK was on the ice physically, but not mentally. Is he talented - yes. Does he show up with passion and fire in his eyes for most games - nope. Just like any boss who deals with a talented employee with a bad attitude,you just don't want those types of people on your team. And how do you explain his partying the night before a playoff game. I mean, c'mon!!


We don't know the whole story here so it is very difficult to judge. Personally I hate players that don't give an honest effort at least 8/10 games. Who's kidding who, no one shows up every night. The problem with AK was his heart, no one should question his still set.
Does anyone know what he was asking for compared to the offers he got?
Does anyone know what he will be making in the KHL?
Did you notice is was only a 1 year deal, does he have a clause to come back if he gets an offer over a certain amount?

Personally I hope he signs with the Bruins for 10 years but I think that is likely only a fantasy.

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