Thursday, August 9, 2012

Worried about Subban, Ken Dryden's Birthday, Markham and More

P.K. Subban - Montreal Canadiens v Vancouver Canucks
Good AM Hockey Fans!

I don't mean to hammer away at the P.K Subban contract situation. I really don't.

But in fairness to me and my daily task of writing this roundup, nothing else is going on. Nada. Rien. Nichts.

Eric Engels, over at HockeyBuzz, feels like patience is required and that the situation will resolve itself, most likely before the beginning of camp.

Generally, I share his view. But, I must admit, the fact this has stretched so long has me somewhat concerned. I feel that Subban his now more of an offer sheet or trade candidate that at any previous point.

In any case, I want to know, are you getting worried?

Habs and Hockey News

- Ken Dryden turns 65 today.

- TSN has been reporting that Graham Roustan submitted his plans for an NHL-sized arena to the city of Markham. If this is successful, the area could easily compete with Quebec City or Seattle for any relocated franchise.

- Given the recent injury news regarding Andrej Meszaros, the Philadelphia Flyers have signed Marc-Andre Bourdon to a multi-year extension. Ryan Kennedy, over at The Hockey News, believes the organization's eye for talent will help them weather the recent news.

- THN continues unveiling its predictions, this time looking at no. 14 in each conference. The good news? Montreal is not there.

- Adam Davis, of WRVM in Nashville, is suing the Predators because of an injury sustained will practicing to be a human puck. Let me get this straight. Davis agreed to the stunt, which sounds insanely dumb to begin with, and then gets injured practicing for it. And now, as if he could not foresee any potential risks in this stupid endeavor, is suing the Preds.

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I'm not worried M.B. isn't an idiot....If there is a trade to be done he's well aware of P.K.s' worth and chances are will be a great trade even though the multitude of Subbanites will disagree... or maybe M.B. is trying to deal with the Gomer files to let him free up some $$$ to offer P.K. the contract many think he deserves!!! after all future cap details are still not solidified, and Gomez is a big piece of that pie!!!

As an RFA they have time to make the deal. I'm quite certain the HABS have entertained offers and maybe even pitched PK in trade talks. That's the nature of the game and it should be done by every GM including MB as part of a strategy to improve the team. I don't think too many offer sheets are being typed because PK is not a certainty and giving up draft picks on a hunch isn't a risk a lot of GM's want to take.

Maybe I'm not as sensitive as others since I witnessed Roy, Koivu, and Leclair go from the HABS. Players leave and do well, thats part of the history of this franchise. Hopefully we are past the stage of letting folks go for nothing or making brutal trades.

I believe Carey Price signed his 2 year contract in 2010 in September. Not sure there's much to worry about.
Little to no chance of an offer sheet. The Habs would match anything that is put out there and the other teams know this.

It will get done, probably haggling over an extra 500K and an extra year or 2.
I don't believe the RDS contract rumour, it was way too low.
I doubt either side feels much pressure since there's no CBA in place.

I say trade him, we would def get a handful in return. This post goes to the hammerhead who said "the future is now!" what team at you watching?

$3.25 for 2 years (6.5) should be an acceptable deal for PK.
Didnt hear Price bitch when got $5.5, and was only 2 years ago.
But short or long contract is fine with me; if Flyers want to give up a bunch of draft picks for Subban; that also is fine with me.

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