Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rene Bourque Injured, NHLPA to Respond, Women in NHL 13 and More

Hayley Wickenheiser - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics at the UBC Thunderbird Arena
Good morning hockey fans!

This is easily one of my favorite stories in a long while.

Video game publisher has Electronic Arts has decided to include Hayley Wickenheiser and Angela Ruggiero as playable legends in the upcoming NHL 13.


Damn straight they are.

Habs and Hockey News

- Rene Bourque will miss eight to 12 weeks after undergoing abdominal surgery. Even if the season begins on schedule, I get the feeling this is not crippling news for Habs management. After all, someone like Louis Leblanc could easily fill his spot on a short term basis.

- The NHLPA is set to respond to the NHL's latest CBA offer. While both sides seem style far apart, some visible progress is being made. And, if you are looking for more optimism, Patrick Roy says he doesn't even believe there will be a lockout.

- Kyle Turris signed a five-year, $17.5 million contract extension with the Ottawa Senators. Also, a few days ago the Sens signed first round pick Cody Ceci to an ELC.

- Over at Sports Illustrated, Allan Muir grades the off-season moves of the Western Conference teams. Guess who got an A?

- The sale of the Phoenix Coyotes continues to stall. Big surprise, I know.

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Legends? Wrong!!
Come on, women's hockey is not hockey when you only have two teams that really know how to play. To put those two in the class of legends of hockey is a slap in the face to the real legends of hockey.Please don't insult such greats as The Rocket and Big Jean and Howe by using the same word to describe both groups.


They are both legends within their sport and have excelled at each level of it, be it Internationally, in the NCAA or CWHL/WWHL.

To critique them for the lack of competition is unfair. Maurice Richard did not have to contend with Russians or other Europeans. In fact, the NHL itself had only six teams. Heck, even the curved stick and slapshot were relative novelties back then!

Yet, in spite of this, Richard is still a hockey legend, as he should be.

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