Thursday, August 2, 2012

P.K Subban Negotiations, Fantasy Projections, Alfredsson and More

Good AM Habs fans!

P.K. Subban - Montreal Canadiens v Ottawa Senators
It seems that negotiations between the Montreal Canadiens and P.K Subban have stalled.

According to reports, Subban rejected a two-year, $5.5 million offer from the Habs.

Naturally, he is looking for a longer term deal. 

However, the danger for the organization is that a longer deal — say four years — leads the blueliner straight to Unrestricted Free Agency, where he can then be lost for nothing. 

A shorter contract allows the team a few years to evaluate the player and then, if warranted, negotiate a longer deal while his free agency rights are still restricted. 

Then again, by letting the current situation persist, the team finds itself facing the very real risk of an offer sheet. 

Habs and Hockey News

- At the beginning of 2011-12, the crew at HabsWorld — including yours truly — made some fantasy predictions for the more prominent names on the Canadiens roster. Now, we take a look back at the good, bad and ugly of those projections.

- Stu Hackel contemplates Daniel Alfredsson's decision to return.

- Over at The Hockey News, Ryan Kennedy makes the case that the Northwest division is the league's worst. No argument from me on that. 

- Vancouver Cancuks' forward Manny Malhotra will march in Vancouver's gay pride parade later this month. Props.  

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Do you think anyone would bother with an offer sheet for Subban? The Habs would match anything unless maybe it came from Columbus.
I think a GM will only do it if he thinks there's a chance it won't get matched.

I think we have seen enough from Subban to lock him up for 6 years at around 25-30M if he would bite.

Maybe Bergevin is worried he won't be able to get out of the Gomez contract without a cap hit?
It's possible the CAP will drop in the new CBA but I doubt the players will accept a roll back this time around.


Of course I suspect Bergevin would match most anything, but sometimes offer sheets aren't just about getting a player, but also about messing with the financial structure of a rival team.

At least we know Brian Burke is above such things (being sarcastic...)

@HH: I don't see an offer sheet forthcoming on Subban. Why? Because this is the Montreal Canadiens, not the Nashville Predators. The Habs' pockets are as deep as any in the league and unless a rival team is willing to GROSSLY overpay Subban, the Habs will match.

Moreover, I think teams know that and wouldn't even "waste" their time putting in an offer.

Guys, the only way the Habs would not match is if the offer was soemthing ridiculous where there would be an overwhelming overpayment.

Can you imgagine Philly offering something like $7+ million. I say there is no way habs would match something like that.

if they do, just take the picks from Philly

Lock him up for 4 years at 3 million per. A substantial increase from his current 875k salary and security for the Habs organization. I'm a huge fan of PK but I'm still in the "wait and see" mode. That being said, he is a spark plug for the team and he brings a certain swagger and we are all better for it. I think a two way contract is ridicules. There's no way he'll ever play in Hamilton again.

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