Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NHL to Make Offer, Plan Bs, Time For Phoenix Coyotes and More

Gary Bettman - Stanley Cup Final Media Availability
Good AM hockey fans!

Talks between the NHL and NHLPA are set to resume today, with the NHL reportedly getting ready to present a new offer.

Part of me fully expects some form of lockout at this point. But I also harbour this foolishly optimistic notion that the League could present a decent proposal, a starting point from which to work from.

Wishful thinking, no doubt.

Habs and Hockey News 

- Speaking of potential lockouts, a few more players have spoken out on their potential plans should their be a lockout. ESPN's Morning Links also features a few stories on the subject.

- Seems potential Phoenix Coyotes owner Greg Jamison still needs more time to finalize his attempt to purchase the beleaguered franchise. This is truly turning into the Neverending Story....

- The Hockey News wraps up its annual predictions, revealing their pick for top spot in each conference. Speaking of predictions, USA Today compares the ever-connected Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings. Their conclusion? Nashville should come out on top.

- Habs Eyes On The Prize continues its look at the best Canadiens under 25, today looking at number ten, Sebastien Collberg.

- Here is quirky story out of Sweden, courtesy of USA Today. Apparently, a star in Sweden's Third Division intentionally punched his coach, therefore being released from his contract with the team which in turn allowed him to sign in the Second Division. In any case, the story is worth reading — especially for the pun at the end of it.

- Finally, don't forget to look at Amos Legault's interesting retrospective on the NHL's old goaltending rules.

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