Monday, August 27, 2012

Montreal Canadiens Uniform, Old Rules, Brandon Prust and More

Happy Monday Hab fans!

A few days ago, ESPN's Uni Watch released its ranking of uniforms for the four major North American sports. 

Who had the best jersey? 

The Montreal Canadiens, of course. 

Conversely, the NBA's Sacramento Kings were deemed as having the worst. As for the NHL, the Colorado Avalanche's set is considered the least appealing.

As for Canadian teams, the Edmonton Oilers were ranked 104th out of 121. Not exactly stellar. Personally, I wish they would bring back this logo

What do you think? Which NHL teams have the prettiest and ugliest uni's? 

Hockey and Habs news

- Our Amos Legault takes an insightful and humorous look at some of the NHL's old rules for goaltenders. Honestly, some of the rules seem pretty silly under today's standards.

- Hockey Inside/Out looks at how Brandon Prust will be missed by his former New York Rangers teammates. 

- HabsWorld's Fantasy Focus continues with looks at both Andrei Markov and Josh Gorges

- CBA talks will resume this Tuesday and the NHL will reportedly be tabling a new offer. Meanwhile, Adrian Dater of Sports Illustrated dissects the similarities between the 2004-05 negotiations and the current ones


blackhawks are coolest of any jersey, hands down!


Well, as a Chicago native, I'm not going to argue too much there. Honestly, theirs and Montreal's are both great looks.

I have to agree that the Blackhawks have one of the best Logo's in sports. If you look at the top 10 I get the impression that those voting really liked the letter "C".

I mean Habs, Bears going 1-2, Cubs going 4 and then look at logo's from the Packers as well. All quite similar no? A little fishy if you ask me

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