Monday, August 13, 2012

Fantasy Focus, Hockey in New Orleans, Negotiations and More

Good AM Hockey Fans!

I will keep my ramblings short this morning.

I am in Chicago visiting my two sisters and young nephews.

A treat to see my family, for sure. And Chicago is an awesome town. You should try the pizza.

But, with my very young nephews vying for attention, I feel brevity is best!

Habs and Hockey News

- HabsWorld continues its fantasy focus series, looking at Carey Price and P.K Subban.

- The Hockey News takes an interesting look back at ice hockey in New Orleans.

- Stu Hackel reflects on the possibility of a lockout and losing the Winter Classic - and perhaps a whole season. Meanwhile, USA Today looks at how supplemental discipline is an issue in current negotiations.

-  The IIHF lists the 51 champions from the various ice hockey leagues in the world. Always love reading this, just shows how international the game truly has become.

(Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images North America)


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