Thursday, August 23, 2012

Arm Chair GM, Taylor Hall Extension, Talks Cancelled and More

Taylor Hall - Edmonton Oilers v Phoenix Coyotes
Hola Hockey fans!

It's kind of funny that some of the owners claim to be losing money, especially when small market teams like the Edmonton Oilers start tossing significant amounts of cash around.

As you probably know, they just signed Taylor Hall to a seven-year, $42 million extension. That represents a $6 million cap hit.

Obviously, some teams need help, but at this point it feels like the NHL is crying wolf.

Habs and Hockey News

Bryan Willey plays arm chair GM with the Montreal Canadiens and makes some pretty interesting trades.

- Rene Bourque is the topic of HabsWorld's Fantasy Focus series today. Also, be sure to Sean Lloyd's profile on the winger.

- Eric Engels has some notes on the Montreal Canadiens.

- Josh Gorges was apparently vocal at a recent NHLPA meeting. As for actual CBA negotiations, some talks were held yesterday, but the main session was cancelled. They should resume as planned today. Meanwhile, at Sports Illustrated, Stu Hackel breaks down why some owners are so staunchly opposed to revenue sharing.

- Antero Nittymaki is returning home and has signed to play with TPS Turku is the Finnish league. If that team sounds familiar to some of you, that's because Saku and Mikko Koivu played there as well.

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I agree with you. You have the owners crying poor while revenues have skyrocketed and some of the lower revenue teams spending big money. I think the owners might actually split if the players wait them out until December. I really hope both sides come to their senses before October but you have to think NBC will put a lot of pressure on the league to get a deal done in time for the Winter Classic and the big market teams will not be pleased when they start to realize the players aren't caving like Bettman probably promised they would.
Hope I'm wrong but it sounds like the players think they can win this time which is bad news for the fans.

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