Monday, July 30, 2012

The Sunday Shinny - July 29, 2012 - Semin, Subban, Nash, Thomas and more

I was back on TSN 990 yesterday, with the gents from The Franchise weekend morning show. We discussed a variety of NHL goings on such as...

Rick Nash now a NY Ranger
-Safe to say the Rangers are the most improved team in the East?
-Does any team come close to their arsenal?
-But did they get less tough?
-Which other team in the East can stop them from reaching SCF?

Where in the world is the contract for PK Subban
-What’s the holdup?
-Don Meehan says no offers.. believe him?
-What about Habs new “transparency” policy?
-are worriers worrying for nothing?

What an Alexander Semin worth to you?
-did Habs make a mistake not going after him?
-Should he have been offered lower rate for higher term?
-Are points more important than longterm team building/chemistry?
-Can he “change”?

Tim Thomas
-Does he have the right to speak his mind freely

Click play below to listen in:


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