Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shea Weber Signs Offer with Flyers, Quincey, Negotiations and More

Shea Weber - Nashville Predators v Phoenix Coyotes - Game One
Hello Hockey Fans!

Talk about a late night bombshell, as it was revealed around 1 AM that Shea Weber had signed a 14-year, $110 million deal with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Reportedly, the deal includes $68 million in bonus money in the first six years.

The Nashville Predators now have seven days to match the offer or accept the compensation of four first round draft picks.

Given the Flyers typically strong position in the standings, one gets the sense that the standard compensation won't exactly cut it for the Predators. After all, this isn't Tomas Vanek we are talking about either. This is the face of the Predators franchise, a franchise that is now firmly between a rock and a hard place.

What would you do?

Habs and Hockey News

- The Hockey News looks at the Predators' current predicament.

- Defenseman Kyle Quincey agreed to a $7.55 million, two-year contract with the Detroit Red Wings. Quincey was acquired late in the 2012 campaign in a three-way deal with Tampa Bay and Colorado.

- The NHL and NHLPA continued CBA discussions in New York. Stu Haeckel, at Sports Illustrated, looks at where the CBA talks may be headed.

- Good discussion to be had on some of the remaining issues for the Montreal Canadiens.

- Did you know that former Hab Pierre Dagenais plied his trade in the Federal Hockey League this past season. The FHL is an A level hockey league below both the ECHL and Central Hockey League. It is also quite a drop for Dagenais, who has played in the NHL, AHL and KHL before. Then again, Dagenais did have 143 points in 45 games last year.

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That is a heck of alot of coin for Nashville that is front loaded. The average cap hit can easily be paid by Nashville but that front loaded bonus will be hard to pay.

If I am Nashville I cannot consider the scenario of not matching however paying it will be hard. Best case scenario assuming they are allowed to do so would be to seek a trade with a team who wants him.

Hypothetically trade him to Rangers right now in exchange for a number of players who'll help Nashville right now.


I think they have to wait a year to trade him if they match. Poile's statement seems to indicate that they will match. It would send a terrible message to their healthy fan base if they were to let him go for only draft picks.

They should be able to trade him as they are numerous bad GMs around to take on that contract.

If Donald Fehr is as smart as I suspect he is he will use this to divide and conquer the owners.
What a bunch of clowns......14 years????

Just look at Holmgren's moves, traded 2 of the better young forwards in the game because they were a problem....some problem they were for the Kings...and kept a good but quite old d-man who's best years were behind him and now may be done.
The Flyers will never win a Cup with him as GM, the man has no patience and seems to panic when things go even a little off.

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