Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nash update, CBA discussions, Dominic Moore, Rumours and more

Morning puck addicts!

Wow, a whole lot of nothing going on this morning! As the temperature rises we have entered a dead period for hockey and hockey news.

Well, that is until Rick Nash finally gets traded or another team makes a trade...of ANY kind!

How do you spell dog days of summer? Patrick Sieloff. As in THN takes a look at this up and coming prospects.

Ummm, ya, thin news day indeed.

So my question to you this fine Sunday morning is as follows: When P.K. Subban does finally sign a new deal, how long will be it and for what kind of cash?

Personally, I'm thinking something along the lines of Carey Price's second contract. Say a two or three year deal ranging between $1.5 million to $2.25 million per season...preferably closer to the $1.5 million number.

What say you?

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Hey KP!

Really, you think it will be that low and short?

Somehow, I imagine something closer in term to Carey's current deal (6-years ish) and with higher money.

@Louis: You might be right but with all the CBA uncertainty, I would think you'd want to avoid going long-term if you don't have to.

While the Habs could certainly lock Subban up for six years at, I think it's too soon for that. How much do you pay him?

He's shown that he is a skilled player, but has no yet "established" himself. It's too soon to be paying him more than $3 million per season, imo.

I think things get complicated if you try to sign him that long, but that's just me.

@Anon: Now you're talking my language! 2.5 per year for three years sounds about right, although I'd love to see the dollar amount be lower.

I am assuming his play will keep getting better- so in two three years he will be worth atleast that.

Personally I think you guys are thinking much too low.
He's a number 1 d-man playing 27 minutes a game, putting up decent points and playing against the other team's top line.
I say 6 years 27M. Buy up a few UFA years cheap.
By year 3 he'll be a 6M+ player.

If they go short it'll be around 3 years 10M.

I hope they can get him for 1.5M but just can't see that happening in the current market.
Emelin got 2M on a 2 year deal. Do you really think they will pay PK less than him?

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