Monday, July 2, 2012

Bergevin Makes Splash, Player Profiles, Jagr and More

Jaromir Jagr - Philadelphia Flyers v New Jersey Devils - Game Four
Good morning Hab fans!

Well, Marc Bergevin was certainly a busy man on July 1st, wasn't he?

He added much toughness to the team, signing Colby Armstrong, Brandon Prust and bringing Francis Bouillon back into the fold.

Now, rumours are rampant that he is hot on the trail of Jaromir Jagr.

Would you like to see the Czech forward join Le Tricolore?

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I would like to see Jagr added. Helps increase size of top 6 without affecting the future and Habs have oppurtunity to be competitive on PP, PK which is how they will make the playoffs. Young guys all start in Hamilton or juniors and if they push the veterans who if playing well allow us to trade for more prospects. Next year at least one defenceman will be ready and at least one forward to continue getting younger while replenishing the minor league system.

Jagr would be a nice pick up on a 1 year deal.
Apparently there are a number of bidders for him, not sure we will be his top choice but maybe playing with Plekanec will be appealing to him.
Other top 6 winger options could be Hudler, Huselius,
Sykora and Fedotenko.

Jagr would be nice to have. Especially that now with three strong units, he wouldn't get overworked. We could use his scorer touch. Also, I'm relieved to have Prust, Armstrong, Moen and White on the bottom six now. Gritty bastards.

I never wanted to see Habs sign Jagr, but maybe it would be very interesting to see him with Habs (Plekanec especially)

Ok please no Jagr.

A 40+n year old player who scored 54 points playing alonside the 3rd best center in the NHL in an offensive role.

Who exactly is this gonna translate in Montreal whre he'll be asked to play agsint the oppositions best just as Pleks does on a nightly basis.

Please no Jagr, that shipped has sailed. The only answer is Parise or via trade.

Give Jagr his $4 Mil and bring him to Montreal! He is worth every penny if he stays healthy, regardless of how many points he scores. He will provide leadership, fix the power play, light-up Plekanec and would basically be the perfect compromise while we wait a year for our talent to be called up. Besides, how many Jagr jersey's would the habs sell? This would probably be the most sold Jersey ever generating enough revenue to cover a the Gomez buy out!

Gotta say, I am with Bryan here. Don't get wrong, I am intrigued to see a Pleks - Jagr combo, but I honestly don't know how is presence would help the long-term growth of the team.

Well, Bergevin seemed to not have bitten. I'm glad he handled the Price issue. The team is already better than it was and I'd be happy to start the year with what we have. For the rest, we can adjust as we go along.

Jagr for $4 million per? No thanks. Unless you're talking about JJ circa 1994.

I'd love to see him playing next to Plek for a year at around $2 mil per. This way, Bergevin could bide his time before looking for a REAL top-6-er. And by real I mean long term.

Jagr would be stop-gap and this team needs long term solutions right now.


No way Jagr would accept $2 million but if he was then I would be willing to accept that.

I heard quite a bit of rumblings of trying to lure Doan to MTL to play alongside cousin Carey. To me this is the type of top 6 we need. Not only size but a mean streak.

With that said I mentioned pursuing a possible trade. I've heard of guys like Ryan, Nash, etc.... but nobody seems to mention a name like Brendan Morrow.

He may not be huge but he is the exact type of guy we need in our top 6. A guy who plays hard, plays mean, brings character and leadership and would cost us a heck of alot less than trying to acquire Ryan.

He is a UFA at next season end so here goes my proposal.

Brenden Morrow to Montreal in exchange for Rene Bourque, Rafael Diaz and the right to Danny Kristo.

@Bry: Of course Jagr wouldn't accept $2 mil per...that's why the Habs dropped him.

I like that Bergevin is not willing to overpay for a player like Jagr.

As for Morrow, I like the idea but he's on the wrong side of 30 (33 I think??). While he's still got some usefulness to his game, I'd prefer for the Habs to find a longer term solution (read young player)...

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