Friday, June 8, 2012

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Patrice Brisebois - New Jersey Devils v Montreal Canadiens
Good morning Hab fans!

It seems the search for Michel Therrien has begun in earnest, only a few short days after Therrien was named the team's coach and that two Randy's were relieved of their assistant duties.

According to a report on RDS, Eric Desjardins and Guy Lapointe are not interested in the position.

Guy Carbonneau — who worked under Therrien previously — could have some interest while Donald Audette has also been mentioned. It has also been reported that Patrice Brisebois in on the verge of joining the organization, but his exact role is yet unknown.

Somehow, I feel like we will know the identity of the rest of the coaching staff sooner rather than later.

Who would you like to see join Michel Therrien?

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The rumour mill for assistant coaches sounds more like a list of ex Francophone Habs players that actual qualified assistant coaches. If that ends up being the case, then I am really going have some concerns for the future as it sounds more political than professional.
I could not care less about their mother tongue but we need professional and experienced coaches not the old L'antichambre boys club. I expect to hear that Bergie, Le Baron & Jean Perron will be added to the staff any day now.
I hope I'm wrong but something stinks here.
If they let the Randy's go to replace them with this lot then god help us all!!!!

larry robinson said he would love to work with carbo- imo i think that would be a good staff!

I would say that Robinson should be added. No one would bring more to the development of the defence than Big Bird. With the newer players like Emelin and Subban, and the young prospects, he has grown with the Habs, is an allstar, and could help develop Beaulieu, Pateryn, Ellis and Tinordi who should all be in Hamilton next season. Having Robinson on board may also help if Bergevin decides to try to sign UFA's Shultz and or Suter. Having Robinson to learn from may be enough to sway them.

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