Thursday, June 14, 2012

Habs Hire Three, Price, Parise, Goldwater and More

Sylvain Lefebvre - Los Angeles Kings v Colorado Avalanche
Good morning Hab fans!

As you may — or may not — have noticed, I have been absent around these parts for the last few days.

In fact, I tagged along with a friend for a jaunt to New Orleans. My mind, spirit and tastebuds thank me. My arteries, not so much.

In any event, I also feel like I have missed a few things in the hockey world, both with the Canadiens and at large.

So, tell me, what did I miss?

Hockey and Habs News - Press Release - Habs Hire Martin Lapointe and Patrice Brisebois - Montreal Canadiens Top Priorities Part 1: Carey Price

ESPN - Five biggest lies of the 2012 playoffs

ESPN - Five things to know about the Kings' win

La Presse - Pendant ce temps, chez le Canadien

La Presse - Contrat rétabli

TSN - Habs bring Lapointe, Brisebois and Lefebvre into the fold

TSN - Goldwater Institute sues to invalidate Coyotes lease deal

TSN - Devils' Parise says he won't sign with rival Rangers

USA Today - Do Flyers regret trading Richards, Carter?

USA Today - Defense the strongest position in NHL draft

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images North America)


you didn't miss much but we indeed missed you.


Well thank you so much for the kind words! Always nice to get a day going on such a positive note.

Apparently the Habs are going to hire Gerard Gallant as an assistant coach. I think it is a good hire if it's true.

Anyone else heard about this one?

@Hockeyhype. I heard the same. I also heard Clement Jodoin will be aboard as a henchman. I gotta say, I like the way things are shaping up so far.

Alex Kovalev is apparently done with his stint in the KHL and has hopes on re-joining the bleu blanc rouge. (Hmmm. Wonder how his knee is holding up?)

Welcome back from the "Big Easy" Louis. Another town that puts my français to the test!


Seems most major networks are confirming Gallant as assistant.


Kovalev to Habs might get some traction in the media at some point, but I doubt anything will materialize.

As for the Big Easy, I even met some native French speakers in the nearby fishing communities. Crazy they managed to keep their language!

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