Monday, May 7, 2012

Habs News, Dudley, Giroux, Kings, Devils and More

Good morning hockey fans!

As has been widely reported, it seems that Marc Bergevin is targeting Rick Dudley to be his Assistant General Manager. Both men worked together during their time in Chicago.

Currently in the employ of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Dudley has also coached the Buffalo Sabres and been General Manager of both Floridian franchises.

The only hiccup is that Brian Burke is less than keen on letting his current assistant leave before the Entry Draft.

In any event, how do you feel about the potential hire?

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I like this move. Dudley is a fantastic talent evaluator. Too bad we wont get him until after the draft, however that makes sense from the Leafs perspective. Bergevin is hiring smart hockey people to help him out. Nothing wrong with that!

@Nick M

The idea of a veteran helping out rookie GM Bergevin is comforting. Adding Dudley's talents to Trevor Timmins solid drafting, and suddenly the front office becomes that much better.

P.S Dudley has a reputation of trading his first round picks (albeit in relatively minor deals).

I wonder if that is now in the cards for Habs?

This is interesting in that Dudley has been associated with three sub par franchises other then Chicago...currently the Leafs, Atlanta, and Florida. That being said it has been in different capacities and in Leaf land Burke is the chief so who knows how much he listens to Dudley. this really the best assistant out there?

@Louis when you say it's minor deal's involving first round picks what does that mean? Usually 1st round picks (in an up coming draft) for players is significant because of the prized nature of 1st rounders. Unless you mean 1st rounders that have not panned out for whatever reason being traded but even that should garner some attention...thinking of the Pouliot for Latendresse deal...Sorry I just look back at deals involving first rounders and few of the total involved seem 'minor'.


I suppose I should have fleshed out that thought a bit.

In the past, when picking in the top-5, Dudley has swapped his first rounder with another team's high pick. This way, the other team can move up a bit to get the player they covet while Dudley gets a few extra later picks. Namely, he did that in both 2002 and 2003 when he was with Florida.

Anyway, just an idle rumination on my part.

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