Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finals Begin, Hartley Rumors, Habs News and More

Hey hockey fans!

Is there some big events upcoming?

What's that you say? It isn't that the World Inline Championships are starting this week (true story)?

Oh! It's the Stanley Cup Final!

And what a Final it promises to be. Somehow, I get the sense that this will be one of the more entertaining matchups in recent years.

Be it because of the goaltending show Jonathan Quick and Martin Brodeur are likely to put on, the stellar performances from Dustin Brown and Ilya Kovalchuk, the inevitable big hits or the fact that these teams are such ridiculous underdogs.

Fun times are ahead. Don't you think?

Habs News - Bob Hartley to be named the Montreal Canadiens’ next coach?

La Presse - Le CH n'a pas contacté les Lions de Zurich pour Hartley

La Presse - Le CH avait-il une direction?

RDS - Bob Hartley : deux entrevues à Calgary

RDS - À défaut de filet mignon...

TSN - Dreger: Nothing imminent on Hartley, Habs' coaching search

TSN - Fraser: Memories of the Cup Final...and Game 2 in 1993

Hockey News

ESPN - Watch: Devils by the numbers

ESPN - Watch: Kings by the numbers

La Presse - Kovalchuk, le gars d'équipe

Sports Illustrated - Devils' Salvador the quiet story of Stanley Cup finals after year away

The Hockey News - THN at the Stanley Cup: Opposites Brodeur, Quick prepare for showdown

The Hockey News - VIDEO: Devils and Kings players discuss Stanley Cup final

The Hockey News - VIDEO: THN Puck Panel – 2012 Stanley Cup final preview

USA Today - Devils' Martin Brodeur remains a force at 40

USA Today - Experts think Hasek, 47, could make it as NHL backup

USA Today - KHL teams expected to play two games in Brooklyn


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