Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blocked Shots, Dudley, Rangers, Hunter and More

Good morning puck fans!

It seems like the recent trend of shot blocking is flustering many in NHL circles, doesn't it?

Anytime a trend emerges that can stifle scoring, media people tend to throw their arms up in the air.

Bad for the game. Unwatchable. The new trap. The blocked puck era.

Here is a thought: get a grip. These have been some of the most exciting, surprising playoffs in recent memories.

And, while watching Philadelphia and Pittsburgh trade chances was a blast, I personally enjoy team's that can actually play defense and goalies who can actually stop pucks. But that is just me.

Or is it really just me? According to Nielsen, the NBC Sports Group’s coverage of the first two rounds of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have averaged 1.06 million viewers, making them the most-watched first two rounds on record. Meanwhile, ratings on CBC have remained typically strong.

So, apparently, a lot of people are enjoying these playoffs. You just would not get that impression listening to certain members of the media flip out.

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Most exciting? And you are telling me to get a grip?

Some people do like to watch paint dry, or soccer, i suppose.

But i am one who could care less which of these 4 teams win cup, so am a bit biased.
But in comparison to CHL playoffs, NHL is 2nd rate entertainment no question. Trap it up baby.

Here are my thoughts.

Shot blocking is amazing to watch. Nothing screams dedication to winning more than seeing a 5'10 inch player throw his body in front of a 95 MPH shot.

It is exciting, is brings teammates together.

For shame on anyone who compares shotblocking to the trap.

The trap killed hockey, shot blocking enhances the worth of certain players.

Ol timey shot blocking took balls for sure.
but lining 5 defenders in a semi circle around front of net, dressed in Kevlar from head to toes aint a big deal.
Subban used to do the flamingo (like Cammalleri always will), but he found out 99.9% of shots only sting for a bit and aint no big thing.

You can watch your exciting shotblocking game tonight and i will do somthing funner, like maybe stain my deck.

all sort of in jest,

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