Monday, April 16, 2012

Habs News, Playoff Fights, Suspensions and More

Carl Hagelin - Ottawa Senators v New York Rangers - Game Two
Morning hockey fans!

This year's playoffs have been rough, haven't they?

Heck, there are so many fights, I would not be surprised to wake up bruised one morning myself.

But is it just an impression, is there really more animosity than usual? Our Francois Dumais takes a look, and the numbers are startling, to see the least.

How do you feel about this rough and tumble post-season? Is it ust playoff intensity or is it crossing the line?

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I have always been a believer that fighting is part of the game. As long as it comes from intensity and not 2 goons that can't play the game then I am old school and am all for it.
If you were to ban it, I believe you would just have another more dangerous type of play replace it.

Pittsburgh is just frustrated and playing into the Philly game plan. I am surprised that Bylsma seems to have lost control of his team. That and poor goaltending will lose in the playoffs every time.

I applaud what Carkner did, it had to be done and I think it had a positive impact on his team. You cannot let a 3rd liner attack a superstar like that without consequences.
Carkner would look good as a number 7 d-man in a Habs jersey next year!

As for the others I have not watched enough to comment.


I've been an advocate for guys like Carkner or John Scott to fill 7th D-man or 13th-14th types of forwards forever.

I know there are many people who advocate skill instead of braun but these types of guys give room to the stars.

Boyle punched Karlsson 4-5 times to the head with little rabbit punches similar to Marchand on Sedin. Do you think he is going to do it again?

If the Habs were in these playoffs I think they would get pummelled. I mean a D-core of Markov, kaberle, Diaz, Weber, Campoli.......4 game sweep.

I think its no coincidence that the Habs played a tougher game when Staubitz was in the lineup. He's the perfect type of player for that swing role. Play when needed, scratched when not. Ryan White much the same. Down the stretch, they still didn't win much, but they didn't quit or get pushed around either.

I'm vaguely tuning into the playoffs. Go Kings, Preds, Rangers and Flyers (for fantasy pool purposes).

@Bry/HH: I also like the vigilante justice, especially since the league has seen fit to put their collective whistle in their pockets.

Bry, forget just the Habs D, look at their lineup...Montreal is NOT equipped to play the kind of rough, tough, intense, fight-filled hockey that is dominating the playoffs this year.

They'd get smoked.

Staubitz is a first step in the right direction, but the new GM needs to make this team tougher up and down the lineup. There is NO WAY Subban should have to be fighting for himself. None.

@Nick M: Exactly. He is the first step in the right direction, but they need to get tougher up and down the lineup.

Look at Ottawa for example...not necessarily known as a "tough" team...but they got pushed around in Game 1, made some lineup changes, and pushed back in Game 2.

The Habs are simply not built to be able to handle games that get rough and ugly.

That needs to change in a hurry.


Probably get chastised for this but on this same subject I would be shopping Desharnais. I cheer for the guy and all but would much rather have Pleks, White and Eller down the middle at this point and then obtain a UFA Center with grit .

I'd rather play Pleks with Pacioretty and Cole get some toughness between Bourque and Gio then Moen on the 3rd with Eller and Leblanc and then go dirty for the 4th maybe even sign a guy like Scott as the 14th forward with spot duty of D

On D im dumping Weber to see if we can get a guy like Peckham. I'm fed up of being man handled

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