Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Habs News, Lottery, Playoff Previews and More

Morning hockey fans!

I don't know about you, but this break between the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs is getting a bit long for me.

With so many compelling matchups, even sans nos Canadiens, it will once again be a thrilling time of the year.

Of course, for the Habs, they have some business to tend to this evening as the NHL hosts its Draft Lottery. Depending on the results of the draw, the team could pick either first, third or fourth overall.

Two questions, then, for you this morning:

What series are you most looking forward to? And who do you hope the Habs will draft in the first round?

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I think the obvious number 1 has to be Yakupov, it would be too risky to not take him. When pretty much every expert agrees on the number 1, you would be have to think it's a no brainer.
Ryan Murray is likely going to Edmonton if they retain their 2nd pick. He projects as a top 2 d-man and could be a nice pick for the Habs (you can never have enough good young d-men) After that I think it becomes a crap shoot.
I would probably pick Galchenyuk even with the injuries he might be the best player in the draft once they all make the NHL. Playing in the OHL is a big plus and he's an American so there's little risk of him going to the KHL. Forsberg could also be a nice fit as he has been playing against men in the Swedish Elite league.
I would be nervous taking Grigorenko so high, too much negative surrounding him. Floating, KHL, soft etc...
Plus playing in the QMJHL makes it tough to tell how he would fare in a more physical league.
There are some nice players that we could pick up with our 2nd round pick or even trade up and get a Brendan Gaunce who has dropped down to a 15-20 range pick, a 6'2" 215 lb center in the OHL who puts up points and can drop the gloves.
Thomas Wilson would also be interesting as he projects as a poor man's Lucic. Probably a solid 3rd liner with major league toughness.

Can you tell I'm a fan of the OHL as an NHL prospect factory? They produce so many quality NHL players now that you have to lean that way when players are close in talent.

Should be a fun off season!

@Hockeyhype - thanks! I don't really follow the minors that much, but I did hear of Yakupov and that next year's draft will be much deeper. Is this true?

If so, perhaps that Habs could trade their 37 2nd round picks next year for a decent 1st rounder in that draft. Hopefully, no lottery next year.

I guess it's easy for us to play GM from here, eh? Looking forward to see who they select. One thing for sure, though, is that if Patrick Roy is coach, I may have to start rooting for another team.

My 2¢...


I just follow the OHL mostly but I do like to know who the top prospects are each year.
As far as I know it is true that next year's draft is deeper. There is a kid in the OHL named McDavid who is supposed to be the next Crosby....we'll see.
I believe the Habs have 3 2nd rounders next year so there is an opportunity to trade up but I don't think they have a lottery pick next year.

Those 2nd round picks do have some value, don't forget Subban was a 2nd round pick.
I hope our new GM keeps Timmins around as he seems to be one of the best in the business.


Agreed that Forsberg could be an excellent pick-up, but it should be said that he plays in the Allsvenkan (2nd division), not the Elite League.


GM search is getting narrower, eh? Damphousse and Brisson are officially out at this point. Seems like Brisebois, Bergevin and, perhaps, Roy are the front runners.


Thanks for reading and commenting!

@Louis - you can't be serious about Roy, can you? Do you remember how he left the Habs? How about sending his son out to fight the other goalie, so he could end up in jail?

Roy is a mess and shouldn't be anywhere near the Habs in any capacity.

My 2¢...


Although I don't think he will get the nod we cannot overlook McGuire. He and Molson speak to each other quite a bit and are friends.

The other name to consider is Dorion out of Ottawa. This guy is an Ass GM and was responsible for selecting guys like Karlsson, Cowen, etc.... his resume is not too shabby.


I am simply saying Roy seems like a potential frontrunner. Not that he is my choice. In fact, I have made my feelings clear on that many times, both here and on radio.


Good point about McGuire, but his name has not been coming up a lot in media or twitter chatter (from what I am reading). But, then again, I read alot of French language news and they don't exactly focus on people named McGuire.

As for Dorion, If I see another ex-Sen with this team, I might flip a switch. Gauthier, Martin, Cunneyworth. C'est assez.

@ Lou,

No doubt McGuire is low on the radar for french media primarily because he has been on English media exclusively.

Shaun Starr was mentioning how McGuire should make a presence on Anti-Chambre to show he is fluent at french and get his name out there to gain some momentum.

McGuire is my choice but realistically he is no more qualified than Bergevin, Brisebois, Roy, Loiselle. Each of those names are on a even playing field because non of them have been a GM and all except for Roy have served as Assistant GM.

What I especially liked was the fact that McGuire has mentioned that he would do a daily phone in show in both english and french. He wants this job badly and personally I want to see him there.


The idea of McGuire going on AC is actually quite ingenious.

In any event, he is also my favorite for the positions. When KP and I discussed the issue (shameless plug: http://www.habsaddict.com/2012/04/panesar-and-moustakas-gauthier-gone-now.html) I explained that I liked McGuire, especially since he would not make the media missteps of his predecessors.

What you are saying about a radio show illustrates that.


Unfortunately I just see the organization choosing a francophone GM who can speak english rather than a bilingual Anglophone.

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