Thursday, April 12, 2012

Habs look to Robitaille, Stanley Cup playoffs begin, Kings, Avs, Flyers and more

So the Stanley Cup playoffs have started, and your Montreal Canadiens are not a part of them.

Does that make you sad? Or, after the season of misery that was, are you just happy to have a reprieve, free to watch hockey without really caring who wins or loses?

There was lots of great hockey last night, as there is sure to be for the next few months. But the big story, on the Habs front, was Nick Kypreos saying the Habs are talking with Luc Robitaille about the GM vacancy.

The move is a little surprising but, at the very least, it shows that no stone is being left unturned.

Still, it is sounding like Marc Bergevin is the front runner right now. This should be an interested few months leading up to the draft for the Habs!

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Looking at Luc Robitaille makes absolutely no sense. If they are going to interview him then they might as well just interview Joel Bouchard, Patrice Brisebois, Chris Chelios.

Robitaille has absolutely no involvement with player personal with the Kings and has not experience as a GM. His only qualification is being francophone.

I know Molson said no rock will be left un-turned but this is a stretch.

@Bryan: Hard to argue with anything you're saying and, to be honest, I felt the same way when I heard Damphousse's name being thrown around.

But still, I like the fact that they are thinking outside the box (to use a brutally overused saying)...


With Damphousse I could actually see the value of the knowledge of the CBA. Damphousse was a critical component to putting it together so you would think he knows it in and out like the back of his hand.

Robitaille though......WTF?

I honestly think this search is going to take at least another 2 months. Think about it, there will be NHL GM's fired from now until the end of the playoffs.

So far we apparently have only had discussions with people with no GM experience or people in an assistant GM role. No rock unturned means looking at guys like Lombardi who may very well be let go in a few weeks.

@Bryan: Good point re: GM's being fired or "avaialable". Still, I don't see how this can take two more months. The Habs MUST have their GM in place before the draft.

And they will. There is no way they let this drag until just before the draft. IMO, there will be a new GM in place by mid-May, if not sooner.


I can see why people think there is a need but I say why?

Timmens will run the show as he always has and will be selecting who he wants to select. We also have Carriere as the Ass Gm and Savard in place to overlook everything.

If they want to make a deal then they will consult one another and Molson and ultimately decided but realistically I see Montreal using all of their picks to select who they want.

I don't see the harm in interviewing Robitaille, you never know, he may be a brilliant Hockey man, I certainly like the fact he has been in the game a very log time.

What I don't get is the infatuation with Pierre McGuire, I think it is based solely on the fact his on the radio in Mtl everyday. I would agree he is an encyclopedia of knowledge on what High School team a 3rd round pick played for but as a GM....doesn't make sense to me. Maybe as a Director of Pro Scouting as he does seem to have a good eye for talent. He may have it in him but it's too risky to take a chance on an Media personality who's last NHL job was an assistant coach many moons ago.

Bergevin was at least part of the management team that built a Stanley Cup winner and Rick Dudley seems to think he is one of the best talent evaluators in the business.
Could just be his buddy but I think you will find out what you need to know during the interview process.

I hope they keep Timmins, he seems to be one of the best in the business.

@Bryan: I think that's a little short sighted, Bry. For sure, they can make trades and draft choices as a quorum, but that is NOT the best way to run things. You need one boss, and one person in charge, otherwise things go off the rails.

To that point, I feel they MUST have a GM in place before the draft. That is the first opportunity for the incoming GM to press the flesh a little, talk to the other GMs, make or setup trades/trade talks and oversee the draft.

I think having a five headed monster making decisions is a recipe for disaster.

@Hockeyhype: Well said and very true on the Timmins front, although I give him a 50/50 shot of sticking around under the next regime, despite his solid record.

The biggest area the Habs need improving, imo, is pro scouting. That area has been an absolute disaster under Pierre Gauthier and Bob Gainey before him. Save for Erik Cole, who have the Habs picked up that has worked out?

On that level, Bergevin seems to be a good fit, since he is known to have a shrewd eye for talent.

Pro and amateur scouting are that much more important in the salary cap era, since you cannot easily get yourself out of bad contracts....cough, cough, Scott Gomez...cough, cough, Tomas Kaberle...


I would love to have Dudley but don't put much thought into what he said. I mean what do you expect him to say? Hockey guys take care of their own no matter how good or bad a job he may do.

He worked with him, one day may need a job from him so obviously praised him. I am sure if he asked about JFJ or Milbury he'd say the same thing.

But like you said he was part of a championship team with key decision making so that has to be considered no doubt.


Of course it is short sighted. It would be ideal to have a GM in place by the draft but I would rather have the right man in charge instead of just filling a void.

What happens if we hire Bergevin and then tomorrow find out Lombardi or Holland or even Yzerman are fired.

Let's wait until this season has been settled and let's get the absolute best man for the job.

@Bryan: Agreed...I just don't know if it's realistic/if it will happen....


You never know. I doubt Yzerman or Holland are fired by Lombardi has been on the hot seat for a while. Maybe Poile is fired if Nashville falters after all those changes.

I think there are just too many possibilities and because of that we absolutely must wait and exhaust all possibilities before making a choice.

Either that or give me a call today and I'll take over!!!

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