Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Habs Front Office, Mackasey, Subban, Playoffs and More

Ron Hextall - 2011 NHL Entry Draft - Round One
Morning Hab fans!

Our very own Sean Lloyd offers up a nice overview of the current search for a new General Manager and Coach.

Meanwhile, TSN is reporting the the Montreal Canadiens have recently asked permission to speak to Blair Mackasey of the Minnesota Wild.

This, about a week after contacting both Luc Robitaille and Ron Hextall in Los Angeles.

Let's be honest, how many of us had Mackasey or Hextall on our preliminary list of candidates? Not many, I would guess.

By approaching some unexpected or unconventional names, it is clear Geoff Molson is leaving very few rocks unturned. And that should be a welcome sight for most Hab fans.

Don't you think?

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RDS reported that Habs spoke with him 2 weeks ago for the phone interview but they have not contacted him since for the face to face which supposedly started this week.

Still no news on Pierre McGuire at all. Quite strange.


By him you mean Hextall ? In any case, my point is only that the Habs seem to be looking into a wide array of options.

As for McGuire, he seems like a popular choice amongst anglophones (heck, he has my support), but somehow I doubt he is even being considered. After the Barry Melrose disaster, perhaps Molson is weary of hiring a TV Personality (mind you, McGuire in umpteen times more knowledgeable than Melrose)

I agree it's great that they are looking everywhere possible for the best man. That is what Molson said he was going to do.
I like Blair Mackasey but based solely on how he sounded in an interview with Tony Marinaro on TSN 990. He has a great resume and seems very knowledgeable about the current NHL. Not sure he would be my first choice but in the top 5 for sure. He is a solid Hockey man.

I would agree that McGuire does not seem to be in the mix. Personally I think he is too loud and arrogant to be a good GM. Maybe that is just his on-air personality but he comes across as very knowledgeable but too full of himself.

I wonder just how much McGuire even cares to take the job. He has a comfortable schedule with his family settled. I'm sure he's flattered to be considered, but I don't know how seriously he wants the job.

I want Julian BriseBois with some help, fresh young mind with a different take on the job. Get him an experienced assistant GM and he'll do wonderful!


No i was referring to Mackasey. He's apparently not been asked (to date) for a face to face.

When Pierre calls you con-frere at 5:05 he has said on numerous occasions that he'd be interested. So My guess is he'd drop all and come back home.

As for Brisebois. I see alot of momentum for him but personally he'd be at the bottom of my list.

Brisebois is a lawyer and numbers guy. He is not an evaluator of talent whatsoever. In the past couple of years sure he's watched alot of hockey and IMO he is a great Ass. GM. but he's not my choice to run the show.

Seems the guys I want always say they are not interested,.

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