Monday, March 12, 2012

VIDEO: Max Pacioretty Interview on HNIC After Hours

If you haven't seen it yet, here is vid of Max Pacioretty being interviewed by Craig Simpson and Scott Oakes, on Hockey Night in Canada's After Hours.

The interview took place after the Habs 4-1 defeat of the Vancouver Canucks and is a great watch!

Oh, they also interview Dan Hamhuis after Pacioretty.


Thank you for posting this, Kamal.
After the game I cut the stream, so I missed this segment; appreciate you bringing it to my attention!

Pacioretty is a very well-spoken, modest guy.. His speedy recovery and incredible return to form are a testament to his character. Hopefully he will continue to develop his game, and continue to play an important part in the Habs organization for years to come.

Scott Oaks' brutal interviewing skills aside, this is one of the best athlete interviews I've seen.

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