Thursday, March 29, 2012

Montreal Canadiens Fire GM Pierre Gauthier

This is all we have from the Habs so far:

"Pierre Gauthier relieved from his duties the search for a new General Manager is underway Press Conference with Geoff Molson today at 11: 45 a.m.

MONTREAL (March 29, 2012) – Geoff Molson, Owner, President and CEO of the Montreal Canadiens will hold a press conference, today, March 29, at 11:45 a.m. in the Bell Sports Complex press conference room in Brossard."

More details to come...

UPDATE - 11:30 AM - Darren Dreger, on TSN 990 and Twitter, says that..."Some suggestions Bob Gainey may be stepping away from Canadiens as well."

Kamal's Note: Atta boy Goeff Molson! If this ends up being true, it shows the Molson truly understands what ails this franchise and is ready to part ways will all who had associations with former eras.

I think aside from Larry Carriere and Trevor Timmins, it is time to clean house.

UPDATE - 11:36 AM - Again from TSN's Darren Dreger, this time on Twitter..."Serge Savard will be involved with the Habs in an advisory capacity."

Kamal's Note: Interesting. The plot thickens!

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I think we all knew this was happening, if not happened, for a while now. All they are doing is making it offical. To not let him finish out the string (5 games, no roster moves to be made) sounds to me like the front office just wants this guy gone.

I saw Kamal on twitter mention Gainey might be interim. So long as its interim but gone before draft/free-agency I am ok with it. There's not much he can do during the playoffs.

Anyway, its news but not a surprise.

@Nick M: Yep, not too surprising a move. And, with the dismal season so far, Molson just gave fans something to cheer about.

As for Gainey, it was the Gazette's Pat Hickey speculating on TSN 990 that BG could take over on a interim basis.

Personally, I think Carriere as interim is a more likely choice, but who knows.

The bottom line is that the search for a new GM started a few months ago. The Habs have time (through April and early May) to make an official selection leading up to the draft.

The more I hear the more Pierre McGuire sounds like a front runner to replace PG. I'm a fan of that move if it ends up being true!

Nooooooooooo anyone but Gauthier

Intriguing times ahead! Even in 15th place, the Habs know how to keep things interesting, don't they?

No only in 15th place but we have apparently just experienced the most loss' in one season in the great history of this organization.

That is unacceptable.

Louis I can't help but think back to your blog on keeping Goat. Do you still feel the same today?


Whoa now! Defending some of Goats' hockey moves and advocating keeping him are two different things. I have only done the former, never the latter.

Gauthier operates in another, far gone era and is inept in communication. The org as a whole needs a shakeup, imo.


Now the real fun starts. This could be the most exciting off season in a very long time.

It sounds like Pierre McGuire & Julien Brisebois are the front runners.
My first choice would be Jim Nil but I don't think he speaks French.
Marc Bergevin could be a nice consolation prize.
He seems to have done some good work with Chicago and moved up the ladder very quickly.

Happy..... That's all I got.

McGuire would be a good pickup, but I'd be surprised if he left his cushy job with NBC, etc.

As for Coach and GM, forget about nobodies! Can you imagine the New York Yankees hiring Steve Balboni to coach? Find a coach/GM who have EXPERIENCE! Enough of these first time coaches / GMs who can speak French but nothing else.

My 2¢...

You know the worst part of this firing? I was actually going to send my next blog today as to why Gauthier was going to remain the GM. It was written, was just proofing it and now gone.

Thank you Geoff Molson. You could not have waited an extra weekend huh.

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