Thursday, March 1, 2012

Habs/Wild, Beliveau, Nash Saga and More

Brad Staubitz - Minnesota Wild v Toronto Maple Leafs
Morning puck fans.

Well, although the Habs are having a miserable campaign, at least if they stink, they stink badly enough to merit a top draft pick.

Clearly, this is a concept not mastered by the Leafs in recent years. Toronto saw their playoff hopes dwindle further as they lost 5-4 to the Chicago Blackhawks.

They now sit four points out of a post-season berth and SportClubStats gives them a mere 11.1% chance of qualifying for the dance.

Am I taking pleasure in the Leafs misery? Obviously.

And, as a Chicago native, I am also thrilled that the Hawks won.

You have to look for them, but silver linings can be found. What are your silver linings in a rough 2011-12 Canadiens' season?

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If the Habs can get one of the top two picks - someone who can help right away, then yeah, tank away!

Pittsburgh had back to back top picks and got Crosby and Malkin. Why can't the Habs stink enough to get a top pick this year and next? Or, did Gauthier already trade them away?

Anyhow, I hope Toronto misses out, too.


So far the team is in the bottom three, meaning that either Grigorenko or Fosrberg - or with some luck Yakupov - could fall to them.

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