Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Habs/Flames, Markov Skating, Yzerman, Turco and More

Andrei Markov - Carolina Hurricanes v Montreal Canadiens
Morning Hab fans.

It seems like Markov is now taking part in full contact practices again and that, with some good fortune, he could actually make a return to competition this season.

But should he?

There is certainly an argument to be made for shutting Markov down regardless of his health status.

Why risk aggravating his pesky knee in a few insignificant, late season games? It is not like the Canadiens are battling tooth and nail for a playoff berth here.

On the other hand, Markov's return could allow management to get a much fuller picture of where this team stands vis-a-vis next season.

What do you think? Should Markov be allowed to play?

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He has to play this year. We need to know if we still have a top pairing D-man going into next year.
If not we need to find one or it will be another tough season on the back end.
Hopefully we buy out Kaberle, trade Weber and let Campoli go. We need 2 new D plus Markov.
I would like to see John Erskine (or someone in that mould) as a 7th D for next year and a solid number 5 with size and grit to play with Diaz on the 3rd pairing.

I tend towards the same logic. Let's find out what the team has moving forward.

Not sure about trading Weber, but for the life of me I have no idea why Campo is still around.

As for Kaberle, he is a necessary evil of sorts. If Markov is unavailable again, he will be a welcome presence on the PP.

Do you think we can keep Weber and Diaz?
I agree Kaberle could be a plan B if Markov is not available and there are no better options. We really need to do a better job of clearing the front of the net and protecting our best player in Price and that means getting meaner on the back end. Out top 4 is pretty much set with Markov and PK is the meanest of the bunch. I don't think we want him to have to fill that role as well.

Although I can see the logic behind putting Markov back on the ice, I'm not convinced that Markov should return to action with the team this year. He has just been resigned to a significant contract, and is returning from two consecutive injuries.. rushing his return yet again could have disastrous consequences.

We know what he is capable of when he is healthy. Give him the summer to train on a healthy set of legs, and we'll see how he fares in camp.

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So, after watching the Habs Vs. Canucks game, I find myself leaning more towards "let him play"... The confidence his presence brought to the team was great, and his passing was pretty much on par with Markov v.2009. Hopefully his knee continues to feel solid, and he doesn't kill himself down the stretch; we need the all-star the club has invested so much time, money and faith in!

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