Monday, March 26, 2012

Habs News, Roy as Coach?, Quebec City and More

Patrick Roy - Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens 
Morning puck fans!

The Canadiens were officially eliminated this weekend, which should really come as a surprise to no one at all.

In fact, Montreal has dipped all the way to 29th overall, as Edmonton wins the tie-breaker there with two more wins.

Meanwhile, speculation about the Canadiens hiring Patrick Roy as their next head coach continues to chug along. In fact, Kamal and myself discuss this a new segment.

Go tell us what you think! Would Roy be a fit?


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Roy as coach is not a fit. It's very simple, take his name out and out and put in Gerard Gallant. He is a former NHL'er, former NHL coach and assistant coach, and currently a QMJHL coach. Why are we not talking about him...because you could come up with 3-4 good excuses of why he shouldn't coach the HABS. Yet, Roy is being mentioned when he doesn't have the resume Gallant does from a coaching perspective. For everyone that thinks it's a good idea just remember that the first day a coach starts is one day closer to the day he will get fired. Right now we are happy Roy has mended fences with the HABS organization. Imagine the damage WHEN he gets fired. It would be a monumental distraction to the team and we already saw first hand how that played out this year.

@sanman_11: Well said and good point about him being fired! I think that, at some point, Roy will either make his way behind the Habs bench or into management. I just think he needs NHL experience, elsewhere, before that happens.


That is a really good point. Never really thought of it, but boy can you imagine the show if / when Roy gets fired!

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