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Habs by the Numbers: Why is Scott Gomez Still Playing? Part deux ...

Why is Gomez still playing...revisted?

Well, sort of again. Have no fear, I will not be going "granular" on you with a ton of Gomez stats.

Many poeple have left very interesting comments in the first article on the subject (and I'd like to thank you all for them!).

A lot of them had to do with the fact that, weather the numbers were there or not, Gomez had simply not produced, and there wasn't much more to analyse or talk about. In my opinion, whoever thinks this way is right. These ARE the cold facts.

Other player's record

Some of you have expressed the wish to see similar stats for other offensive players, as a comparison. After all, our better scorers have to reflect the same kind of numbers, no?

I've pulled the numbers for the Top-8 Montreal point-getters, and have completed the same exercise—which was to look at the Habs win-loss record, in the 20 most recent games in which they're accumulated at least one point.

Here are the results:

It's clear to see that, for some reason, no one comes even close to touching Gomez' numbers. Exactly why are Gomez' numbers so superior to everyone else's, remains a mystery to me. But the facts are the facts.

But what about other teams?

Some readers have mentionned that, surely, the top players of this league would have numbers very similar to Montreal's Mexican-Alaskan centerman. Without further delay, here are the figures for the leagues top 5 centermen:

Again, obviously, logic does not prevail. Malkin, Spezza and Sedin are all playing on very hot teams right now, and are all doing well. Yet, they're not that close to "the Gomer.

What do you make of this?

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Good stuff again.

So, here is a thought: The Canadiens have been a one-line team this year. Could it be that, when Gomer gets a point, it is indicative that the team is getting secondary scoring, therefore allowing them to prevail. The Cole-DD-Pacs line has been good, but they can't do everything !

I wonder if it's more indicative of Gomez scoring/assist when Montreal already has a sizable lead and therefore would probably win even without Gomez?

No one will get me to say Gomez is worth a cap hit of $7.3 million. That said when Gomez is playing his teams win more than they loose. if you look at the little things he does alot of things to contribute to help teams win. This is not a fair year to compare him to production as he has been injured for most of it. Habs are a better team when he plays. Can you get more production for the same money? Yes but that is not his fault. Habs next year are a playoff team

I think given his lack of production, when he does produce, it's likely during games which he is able to be a factor other words, when the other teams are not playing to their potential or the Habs themselves are firing on all cylinders. Gomez best ability is playmaking but he's lost the speed of his hockey sense to make the plays quick to be over the hill but happens to everyone eventually.

Delving in Deeper, here are the scores from the Gomez point games:

- 6-5 SO loss, (Gomez assist 3rd goal)

- 4-0 Win (Gomez assisted last goal).
- 4-0 Win (Gomez assist 2nd + 4th goals).

- 4-1 win (Gomez assisted 3rd goal).
- 3-1 win (Gomez assisted game winner)
- 7-2 win (Gomez assisted 1st goal).

- 4-2 win (Gomez GWG)
- 4-3 SO win (Gomez goal #2)

- 5-4 SO win (Gomez assist 2nd goal)
- 5-3 win (Gomez assist 2nd goal).

Thats his contribution this season. Record: 9-0-1.

Out of his contribution, directly affecting the outcome 3 times. Both games he scored and set up 1 game winning goal. Otherwise he had points when points didn't really matter. Of note, primary assist on all but one.

7.5 million, awful. For 2.5-3.5 million + healthy Gionta on his wing, I'd take his effort and production. He tries, he has pride.

Not his fault Sather signed him to that deal or Gainey traded for it. Who here would say no to that kind of money....?

A simple fact and I am going off the reservation here, so hold on! Gomez is a puck possession player when he plays he stymies the other teams offense. Thus the game is played less in Carey's kitchen... There is not one sole reason for the Habs bad season this year but your facts allude to one very startling stat; when Gomez plays the team is better and more than not wins. Wow! How can that Be? Methinks Gainey's reasoning for getting Gomez was sound the execution ie: cap hit is what created the controversy.

I think that other players that Gomer is compared to score regularly regardless of whether their team wins or loses. I.e. they are consistent scorers often on not so great teams (Stamkos). Regular scoring is what we pay for and we don't get it. If gomer were to have a .60 or .70 PPG there would be almost no way the statistics cited about could be maintained or if they could the Habs would be first in the league.

Anon You hit the nail on the head.
Consistency and Gomez is not. No clue what has happened to him but small flashes don't cut for a 7.3M cap hit.
He has to be bought out, hopefully with some luck it won't count against the cap.

@Nick M, @seriousHabit

I agree with you both that, at a much reasonable cap hit, the Gomez "scandal" wouldn't have been as bad as it was.


Even with his 2 bad seasons, Gomez is still a career 0.76 points per game man. He's now become a 0.55 points per game since he joined the Habs, 0.61 if you don't count 2011-12 that was injury ridden.

Keep paying Gomez his millions & contributes NOTHING !!!
You mustve gone way back to get to Gomezs 20 pts.

What a dumb article.

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