Thursday, March 29, 2012

Geoff Molson Comments Pierre Gauthier Firing - Press Conference Notes

Well, if you didn't hear it, Habs owner, Geoff Molson, just finished his press conference discussing the firing of Pierre Gauthier as GM.

And man did he ever hit it out of the park. Molson said all the right things while truly showing the he cares. This press conference comes full circle from his comments when he took over the team, showing and stating that he is and was a fan.

Here's a quick, point form, break down of what Molson had to say:

-We play in the best hockey market in the world
-Fans want and deserve a winning team.
-Ownership will accept nothing less than a winning culture in the organization.
-Likes core of team
-Injuries decimated team this year, but this is not an excuse
-Over next month will deal with contracts and prep for draft. (Sounds like Price and Subban talks will start before WHC.)
-Molson says in a mutual decision Bob Gainey no longer with the club as an advisor
-Serge Savard will help Molson find a new GM
-Molson: "...this organization must set its sights on competing for the games ultimate prize, every season. And no lesser standard should be accepted. Our fans and our tradition demand nothing less than this."
-Molson thanks fans for suggestions in email, twitter, etc.
-Attention will now be turned to hiring a new GM. "...Until the decision is made, the process and list of candidates will remain confidential."
-Molson: Decision to act now was a) when 100% sure the playoffs were out, the moment was right and b) acting now means they have 10 additional days more to find a new GM
-Molson: "...We'll narrow search down to best candidate, preference is to have someone who speaks French..."
-Molson said, several times, that the preference is for a GM that speaks French but being the best candidate is the priority.
-Molson: ..."when it comes to hockey decisions, I rely on hockey professionals. It is not my area of expertise."
-Molson: "...the last time I spoke to Patrick Roy was when his sweater was retired."
-Molson: Larry Carriere will be assistant GM/interim to search for a New GM, plan for the draft and prepare post-mortems, Pierre Groulx replacing him behind the bench for the next five games.

Here is video of his press conference, in English:

Great, great presser by the Habs owner. He has given Habs fans a reason to smile with only a few games remaining in this dismal season.

Moreover, he has given them something to look forward to.

So what do you think of the move and his presser? Also, who do you think will be the best candidate to take over as GM?

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Id like to see Patrick Roy as a coach, I dont see him suited for aGM position with NHL experience behind the bench.

Sorry, but Patrick Roy as coach? Seriously??? Don't you remember how he left the team after the Habs hired an inexperienced, but French speaking, Mario Tremblay?:

Or, how about when he pushed his son to fight the other goalie, to the point that his son faced assault charges?:

You really want this guy running the Habs?

Get someone experienced, regardless of language, and build a winner.

My 2¢...

I would like to see them hire Paul Villeneuve as GM.That guy is good.

Based on how quickly he has moved up the ranks with the Black Hawks and the fact he is a fairly recent ex-player. Marc Bergevin should be a very strong candidate.
I would prefer to see someone who is currently working as an assistant in a successful organization.
I could see Vincent Damphousse as an assistant GM.
I hope they keep Trevor Timmins, just imagine how good he would be with a competent boss!
Here's hoping we have a new GM and coach well before the draft.

Anon, ok I'll bite....who is Paul Villeneuve?


Haha. I was about to bite myself!

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