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NHL Trade Deadline Bait: Montreal Canadiens' Travis Moen

Travis Moen - Montreal Canadiens v Chicago BlackhawksThere is a definite scent of wheeling and dealing in the air. The Trade Deadline looms as pundits and fans contemplate the different options that present themselves to the Montreal Canadiens.

At HabsAddict, we will also take the time to muse over the various possible maneuvers the Habs may make. In a multi-part series, we will look at both potential trade bait as well as possible targets for the Tricolore

Today, we start with Travis Moen, who appears to be one of the team's most likely trade candidates. 

Why he could be traded - Travis Moen is an impending unrestricted free agent on a team that is clearly going into sell mode. On top of that, his spot can be easily replaced internally - and more cheaply - by the returning Ryan White.

Nonetheless, as far as rentals go, he is probably one the Habs' best assets. He was a defensive force in Anaheim's run to a Stanley Cup in 2007, completing a formidable checking line with Rob Niedermayer and Samuel Pahlson. 

This season, he is posting his best offensive campaign and is on pace to break his previous career high of 21 points. Plus, at 6-2, 215 pounds, the winger is also a physical presence who is unafraid to engage in fisticuffs if necessary. 

His experience, size and secondary scoring make him an excellent depth acquisition for a team wanting to make a post-season run. 

What he could be worth - Between a second round draft pick (or equivalent prospect) and a third round draft pick (or equivalent prospect)

The Canadiens have the advantage in a market that appears to benefit sellers. While a second round pick may seem high, it is not unrealistic. 

In recent trade deadlines, similar depth players such as Eric Belanger and Dominic Moore were acquired for second round draft picks.

Others, such as Jeff Halpern, Chris Higgins and Daniel Carcillo were even obtained in exchange for multiple picks and players.

Based on previous history, it is even plausible to see the Canadiens obtain a lower draft pick and a roster player in return, but that may be hoping for a bit too much. 

Who could be interested - Chicago, Vancouver, Detroit, Pittsburgh

Most contending teams look to add players of Travis Moen's type. However, the above four have been rumored to be interested in his services for some time.

Chicago has lost Daniel Carcillo for the season, so it is logical that they would be looking to replace his physical presence.

The same logic applies in Pittsburgh, who currently have Aaron Asham and Tyler Kennedy on their injured list.

As for Detroit and Vancouver, they have their minor bumps as well, but they are mostly believed to be looking to add a physical presence to their bottom-six.

What do you think? Where will Moen go? And for what price?

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People should stop panicking and take the long view. We should keep Moen, for all the same reasons that make him desirable to other teams. He's tough, good on the PK, good team guy, can skate, would probably do more offensively if he was not the only guy on the team who could fight, and is a good playoff performer. To me he is an ideal 3rd line winger with PK duty. I would also sign Kostitsyn, and play he and Moen with Eller as the 3rd line. There is no need to gut this team. If Markov had been healthy as hoped for, he alone would have made the difference in enough games to put us into the playoffs (the lost leads and the poor power play). This team just needs a big #1 center and a guy with a heavy point shot for the power play. The problem is Gomez pure and him out and use the money to sign a big center. Find a way to get rid of Kaberle's contract and use that to find a guy with a point shot. Then clear out any clutter to make room for prospects and stick to the plan...simple.


Part of the reason of trading Moen is precisely that, the Long View.

Moen will command a higher salary than some internal, younger options like Blunden or White. Plus, as mentionned above, Moen could actually yield a decent return.

Besides, the team has been a bubble team for a while. It is time for some fresh faces.

Thanks for reading!

With Chicago being and ideal trading partner for Hal Gill as well - the Hawks could use his PK prowess as they are very low in the standings in that dept. - it would be interesting to see what Montreal could get in return for both Gill and Moen.

Maybe Bryan Bickell and a pick?


I am doing a piece on Gill, and indeed I would see them making a move for Skillsy.

Having said that, following the Hawks a bit (I was born near Chi), Bickell is not my favorite.

I just figure with the Habs recent efforts in getting bigger - Bourque, more ice time for a pre injured Blundan. Signing of Cole - they might make a pitch for Bickell. Not sure what else Hawks would have to offer. At least in the way of replacing a Moen type player.


Not sure they need to replace a Moen type though. White and Blunden, when healthy, can replace him.

From watching the Hawks, if the bidding got crazy enough and they were willing to part with Stahlberg, I would be all kinds of thrilled.

We don't need to replace Moen from Chicago or whomever we trade him to. Ryan White replaces Moen. However, I would have loved to see the Habs take a no-risk chance on Stewart knowing Moen was leaving, and even more so with Blunden's injury.


Exactly. White slides in for Moen.

As for Stewart, 99% of us here wanted to see him picked up off Waivers.

Common guys, don't compare Mike Blunden to Travis Moen. Blunden is a fringe fourth-liner at best who is soft and can't play a regular shift in the NHL!

Let's assume that Blunden can one day become a Moen.....we have to be hones here for a second that this is 2-3-4 years away.

If we lose Moen there is absolutely nobody on the roster nor in Hamilton capable of filling those shoes meaning we'll need to go the UFA status.

There is absolutely wrong with that either but the UFA market is not exactly flowing with that sort of player.

Gregory Campbell
Paul Gaustad
Brandon Prust

Aaron Asham

It's true that there is no one immediately able to replace Moen if the Habs trade him. But let's be honest here, it's not like Moen is the difference between this team contending or finishing outside the playoffs.

The Habs have much bigger holes to fill, like having a scoring center on the team. As such, they have time to develop a Ryan White or, eventually, trade for a player to replace Moen.

Moving him now is a logical move because his value will never be as high and the Habs have time to find a replacement.

Well It seems to me montreal likes to trade for:a) a prospect that was taken a spot before or after someone they drafted, b) a friend or ex teammate of one of a player in the system, c) a french player. Which is why I thought these would be fitting. (also I think to get some of these guys we may need to packages picks/players/prospects in return)
gill and or moen

Eric Tangradi Pitt* played/ friends with Pk,taken 1 spot ahead of him in the draft

Beau Bennett Pitt
Riley Sheahan Det
Charlie Coyle Min
Mark McNeill Chi
Phillip Danault Chi*
Louis-Marc Aubry Det*
quebec kid
Marek Tvrdon Det*
Gallagers teammate

I personally think chicago is most likely to get gill, and they have some pretty good pieces to offer.
I think Detriot or the pens Is where Moen will end up.
* = prefered or most likely person aquired (IMO)
remember I am just someone on the coach, and I have only seen Tangradi play of this list....


Clearly, you have done some thinking about specific names. Nicely done.

In a few weeks, we will see if your predictions come to pass :)

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