Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Habs/Sabres, Comebacks, Rumors and More

Morning puck fans!

Well, that was rough last night. The 3-1 score, which featured an empty netter for Patrick Kaleta, is not quite indicative of the game.

With the Sabres getting 40 shots in the contest, it was never really that close.

Thank goodness Carey Price was not playing looking towards the glass or it could have been far worse.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the league, it was a night of entertaining, improbable comebacks.

The Pittsburgh Penguins stormed back from a three goal deficit, tying the game up in the final six seconds and beating the Toronto Maple Leafs in a shootout. The hero? Evgeni Malkin, duh.

The New Jersey Devils also managed to send their game against the New York Rangers into overtime thanks to a last minue tally by David Clarkson. Ilya Kovalchuk then sealed the deal in a shootout.

Out West, Nashville rallied against Minnesota, scoring four goals in the final frame to comeback and secure a 5-4 victory. Not sure I'd be thrilled to face the Predators in the first round. Or any round.

In short, Habs fans, there is entertaining hockey all around. Even if the Tricolore disappoints.

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I have a bold idea. Since we usually don't show up against teams that are below us or for really important must-win games, why don't we try skating backwards for the whole game? That way we'll confuse the opposition, become legendary for creating a bold new style, and possibly even win some of these games by accident. Hell, things are going so lousy this season anyways so why not try it? In fact, at this stage why don't we just hold a raffle and draft people to help from the audience?

@Darth not a bad idea! Since giving these guys a Heart transpant isn't feasable.


Playing backwards worked well for Price in the Skills competition... could be on to something.

Tons of entertaining hockey last night, has me looking forward to April. Although it's unfortunate the Habs most likely won't be taking part in post season play it does however make the playoffs easier to watch. A habless series gives me the chance to watch some great hockey without the stress and fear of disappointment.


Yeah, last night was a wild one for sure.

There was a loud cheer in the particular Ottawa-area drinking establishment I was in when Pittsburgh tied it up against T.O.

You can always count on the Leafs to make you feel better

Let think positive friends. Means we get to spend more time with our families and potentially enjoying things other than our couches this coming spring,.

@Bryan: all things being considered and my family being what they are, I'd rather be watching the playoffs. :)

I just hope and pray Boston doesn't win the Cup again.

Go Leafs go! (God that felt awful).

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