Friday, February 24, 2012

Habs/Caps, Subban Scuffle, Hamrlik, Carter and More

Roman Hamrlik - Washington Capitals v Pittsburgh Penguins
Morning puck addicts!

Wow. There is much to talk about this morning.

The Canadiens face the middling Capitals tonight. Remember how that was a premiere match up only a couple of years ago?

P.K Subban has once again found himself in the middle of a scuffle at practice.

Roman Hamrlik called out Dale Hunter on Washington radio. His comment was pretty good too.

And Jeff Carter was sent to L.A. Columbus received Jack Johnson and a first round pick in return.

The timing of this trade is unfortunate. Sort of. I was going to write a Trade Deadline preview piece on him. Too slow I suppose.

Busy Thursday, eh?

What do you think of the above events?

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surprise surprise, P.K at it again he has played not to bad the last few weeks but that is not going to get his name on the sports pages.This is what he does and has done for years. I guess R.C has to go because he cant handle him, and the canadiens have some illusion he is going to be this great player.The boys hate him and that comes from a friend close to the organizatin.


Did you see the play and skirmish? What happened was not an attitude problem, was not a lose cannon. He pushed Desharnais off the puck and Desharnais did not like that and pushed back.

Not a fight, nothing else.

For PK's sake I hope he is dealt so then thousands of fans can eat crow and discuss how we let another great player get away because of attitude problems in Montreal.

Remember when the same things were being said about Crosby?


A minor skirmish at practice. Big whoop.

We are so bored with this team, we focus on every minor thing at practice, blow it up and then paste on the front page.

In a room of 20+ guys, it won't always be a love-fest, especially in a losing season.

Good point Louis. It's hard to imagine PK being involved in so many situations like this if the Habs were winning. He's a competitive kid, that's always been apparent and he hasn't yet matured enough to learn how to handle it properly.

With all that being said, it's not entirely excusable. You cant continuously get into altercations with teammates and not expect to be in the negative spotlight. I do believe he will be a star, the talent is there, he just needs to grow up and fast.


Alot of it IMO has to do with being so much better than the competition your entire life.

Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby, Yzerman, Price it just seems that time and time again we see examples of players who are head and shoulders more skilled than he opposition with attitude problems.

Mix it with a losing record and everything is chaotic. Just look at the flak that Ovechkin is now facing with his rockstar attitude.

When Washington is winning and atop the Southeast then Ovechkin is smiling and the world accepts it. Start losing and you look for excuses.

I think the fact that Subban is often involved in these in-practice skirmishes has to do with his intensity level at practice.

This kid practices as hard as a he plays. You could see that in training camp when he laid out Hunter Bishop.

That kind of intensity is going to breed fights and scuffles, ESPECIALLY when the team is losing!

At least someone is playing hard in practice. In my opinion, Desharnais and Darche don't really have the NHL pedigree behind them to NOT practice hard. As for Pleky, for what he's paid, he should be producing consistently. Maybe upping his intensity would be a good thing too. PK is outspoken, intense and competitive. Is he a jerk? Probably. I've played sports my whole life. You don't like everyone on your team. I'd have more of an issue if PK wasn't playing hard.


Thing with Pleks, is we can't have our cake and eat it too. We can't expect him to be the team's go-to defensive centre, toss him with subpar wingers like Darche and Bourque and then magically expect 70 points.

I understand he has struggled, but the fact that he is on pace for 55 point still kind of amazes me.

Bryan, did not see it but i count on you guys to tell the storey correctly. Any way its like i have told Kamal i have seen Subban play well over a 100 games in junior, and its the same crap all the time. i am ammazed the habs have let it go on this long.But when you have people comparing him to Bobby Orr what do you expect.he should fight chara and then they can compare him to Stan Johnathon....


Sorry if it sounded condescending. I am just fed up of the constant bashing of young players on this team. The constant whining and bitching and pushing them out of town leading to bitching and whining about them doing better elsewhere.

I think PK is like more players with huge talent. He's used to being the best and that usually leads to confidence.

But in time they learn to tame that confidence and ego to become complete players.

PK is confident, maybe egotistical and that runs people the wrong way.

I embrace it and absolutely love it.

On a side note I guess you live in Belleville. I spent alot of time there back in the day with one of the best lines I've ever seen with McCarty-Thornton and was the other Pellerin. Man I loved watching them.

What am I saying Pellerin. It was McRae.

your right 91-92 mcCarty had 127 points . Glen sather once said Wayne Greatzky had a ego the size of manahatten,but had class. Swagger is a good thing if you can back it up. Subban cant....


Subban can't back it up... yet.

He's shown he can score at this level, and he's worked through struggles at this level. Drew Doughty had a monster year and has since yet to match it in the following 2 seasons. Defencemen take a bit longer to develop. He's young and has time on his side.

I'm for one happy to see he's still confident through a tough, struggling year. I'd be willing to dump him if he was mailing it in each night.

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