Saturday, February 25, 2012

Habs/Caps post game, NHL trade deadline, Trade Rumours, Flames, Oilers and more

Morning Habs addicts!

Yikes, that was ugly last night wasn't it? Watching the Habs fall 4-1 to the Capitals, it has become painfully clear that most on this team don't care anymore.

Moreover, the players, for the most part, looked like they were just going through the motions, in anticipation of player movement before the deadline.

Let's face it folks, not only are the Habs going to miss the playoffs but, despite what they say in the media, many of the players have also thrown in the towel.

Sad, but perhaps a fitting way for the last 20 games of this ungodly season to play out.

Still, it is Saturday and there are two more days until the trade deadline. Will Pierre Gauthier and co. be active? Will Travis Moen, Andrei Kostitsyn, Mathieu Darche, and others, find new homes by Monday?

We'll soon find out but, given their last place standing in the Eastern conference you sure hope that Gauthier gets to unloading players quickly!

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I hate to say it, and maybe it was watching last nights debacle, but its time to deal away our UFAs. All of them.

We won't bring back Campoli. Darche is going to be 34/35. AK46 will command Ruutu money and even though he's a 20 goal/150 hit player, 4.75 million a year, even a hometown discount - if he even offers one - of 4.25 million seems too much for me for what he produces. Travis Moen can help a playoff team, we can replace Darche and Moen by giving LeBlanc, Palushag and other hungry AHLers more ice time down the stretch.

Aside from Andrei, lets just take what we can get for these players. PG did well in the Gill trade. If Darche only nets us a 5th round pick, take it. The only one worth trying to get value for is AK.

@ Nick - but there is still a lack of strong defense. Subban and Gorges can only do so much and we don't need anymore power forwards or wingers.

The worse our boys do right now the better the draft pick, right.

That will be the highlight of this season.

i hate being pessimistic, but it worked for Edmonton and Toronto.

Diaz and Emelin and progressing nicely and there are a few young D in the system coming up. It may take another year or two but in time the Habs will have a solid defensive corps.

You're right about the draft pick though, the only bright side to this year. Improving through the draft also did well for Chicago, Pittsburgh and soon the Islanders. Boston was also helped by the draft but fortunately for them they didn't needn't to lose for them, the Kessel trade saved them from that route.

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