Monday, February 6, 2012

Habs' Weekend, Visiting Boston, Rumors and More

Scott Gomez - Winnipeg Jets v Montreal Canadiens
Morning puck fans.

Hope you all had a splendid weekend.

My little jaunt to Boston was quite lovely. Boy, it sure is enemy territory for Habs fans though.

Since my family hails from Quebec, many people were quick to ask us, with a sarcastic smirk, if we were Canadiens fans. Not that they were talking any pleasure in the Tricolore's miserable season. Of course not.

Outside T.D garden, independent stalls sell T-Shirts with colorful slogans such as "Subban Sucks" or "F*** the Habs".

At least the Penguins defeated the Bruins on Saturday in what was a slow-starting, but entertaining afternoon affair.

As for the Habs, needless to say I did not catch the weekend games. Well, I actually listened to the Jets-Habs game on the radio - yes people still can do that.

In any event, not much seems to have changed upon my return. The CH lost one game, won another. They are still 14th in the East and 26th overall.

Which is too bad, because at this point I really don't enjoy giving Bruins fans an extra reason to smile.

Habs News - HW Mailbag: Pre-Deadline Edition

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Good stuff Louis.

I have actually had the pleasure of going to see Habs-Bruins games quite a few times. My buddy has season tickets at the TD Garden just a couple rows up from the ice.

It is easy to say that it is a dangerous place to be a Habs fan. In the lower bowl its not so bad because there are some actual people there that you can carry a conversation with but when you look up you can literally see fights breaking out all game long.

When the game ends, you quickly remove your jersey, or throw on a jacket and get the hell out of there before trouble comes knocking.

Funny because this sentiment only occurs in Boston. I've watched Habs games in Ottawa, Toronto, NYC, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Florida, Buffalo, Carolina and have never had any issues whatsoever......goes to show the deep hared that is felt between our 2 cities.

It might go to show deep hatred between fans of long-time hockey rivals but it also goes to show the pathetic immaturity of some people as well. It's only a sport and people take it too personally and to the ridiculous, at which point I lose respect. Whatever happened to good-natured rivalry? If one fears an attack over a stupid hockey game then perhaps some people ought to grow up and get a life. That nonsense got old in junior high.

It is something that transcends hockey. Look at the impact soccer has world wide. Whether Egypt or England or the deaths in Columbia, etc.....

Sports are supposed to be a pastime but for many it is a representation of life.

Bruins fans have Subban figured out.I hear they play the Subban drinking game,every time he gives the puck away u have too take a sip of you pint, and man most nights you are pissed out of shape by the end of the second.....

Welcome to my world, Louis. Living in New Hampshire being a Habs fan. You have to be careful not to step on people's knuckles.

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