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Are Montreal Canadiens about to sign Carey Price to a long term extension?

Well, if you haven't heard the rumour by now, it has been floated out there that the Habs have offered Carey Price a seven-year, $49 million contract extension.

Apparently, Price's camp has countered at 10 years, $70 million.

Holy huge contract!

Now, to back up a little, this all came out this morning on the Sunday Shinny segment of The Franchise weekend morning show, on TSN 990. JT Utah, from 25 Stanley, was on the show and he said he has a single source, very close to negotiations, who gave him the info.

All this to say that this doesn't necessarily mean this is true. It is a rumour right now.

That being said, veracity aside, this is a great discussion point.

You can listen to our discussion about the topic below but, for now, here's how I see it:

IF this is true, I imagine that Price's agent is using Pekka Rinne's seven-year, $49 million extension this year as a barometer.

I'm not a huge fan of super long term deals, but there is something to be said about identifying a franchise player and signing him long term.

So, between seven and 10 years, I don't really see too much of an issue. What irks me is the $7 million per year price tag. That is a hell of a lot of money for an upcoming RFA (with arbitration rights).

Rinne got potential UFA money and I, personally, see a $5.5 to $6.5 million hit as much more reasonable for Price. I guess $6.5 million is not that far off from $7 million but wow, that number just seems huge.

The good news?

Again, IF this rumour is true, is that Price and the Habs are on the same page, dollar wise ($7 million per). The only thing to hammer out is term and there is only three years difference between the two sides.

If that's the case, I imagine a signing announcement will be imminent. Maybe the Habs agree to the 10 years but pull it back to $6.5 per year.

Who knows and, for now, it remains solely a rumour.

So what do you think? Would you sign Price for seven year? 10 years? Is $7 million per year too much? Not enough?

Click play below to listen in (listing time 58:10):

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I certainly want the Canadiens too sign Carey but they have a lot of huge contracts on their books right now. And they need to dump. Some of these being so large making the team close to the cap ceiling. The Gomez or even Kaberlie contracts neither one of these contracts are getting a lot done for the Habs. But lets hope they do sign both Price and Subban soon.

Hey Charles!

I think that IF this rumour is true, and that's a BIG if, then the Habs will have no choice but to rid themselves of dollars. Most likely in the form of Gomez's brutal contract.

Even if this deal doesn't play out, I can still see Gomez NOT starting the year in Montreal next year.

there is absolutely no way i would sign him to a ONE year even.... i dont like him, i think he is a choker, and he is a poor puckhandler. i would deal him and deal him fast. but i know i am in the deep minority on this one

Too long too much!! He needs to proove he can handle it year in year out!! 5.5-6 million max maybe 5 to 7 years max as well!!

Price is too much of a choker indeed. Not even a winning year right now. 7 have to be kidding me. If he was to get that, he would have to be as good or consistent as thomas or rinne, which he isn't period

I'm not of the camp that believes Price is a choker, although I will say he is not having his best year and could calm down would the puckhandling.

A three-time NHL All-Star, He has never averaged a save percentage below .906, be it in the NHL, AHL or WHL, be it regular season or playoffs. He has a WJC Gold Medal, a Calder Cup and an AHL Playoff MVP award. Not bad for a choker.

To the point of money, the Canadiens will have little choice to give him dollars and term. Bryz, Rinne, Luongo and even DiPietro's contracts have set the goalie market a bit out of whack.

@the two anons: I agree that $7 mil is too much but I don't think Price is a choker.

@Louis: Nailed it my friend! True, Price isn't having a great year, but name me one player on the Canadiens who is. Oh ya, Erik Cole is...but that's it.

Everyone on the team sucks right now and Price is no exception. That doesn't change the fact that Montreal would have had probably less than five wins over the first 40 games of the season without him.

This is simply a team that can't score. So Price needs to be perfect. Last year he was. This year, he isn't always. And, as a result, the Habs aren't winning.

That is WAY too much pressure to put on your goalie. The Habs need to fix their personnel problems up front so that Price doesn't need to be perfect every night.

If they can do that, it will take a lot of pressure off his shoulders and they'll probably win a lot more games.

That said, 10 years is frightening...and so is $7 mil per. But there is no question that Price is the ONLY franchise player on this team. If they are going to continue retooling and have identified him (and Gorges) as the future, then locking him up long is a good idea...

Are you kidding me????
Rewind to the World Jr. Hockey Championship Gold Medal Shootout game!
Rewind to the Hamilton Bulldogs AHL Championship when he was a rookie!
The kid plays on of THE most high profile positions in all of sports in his early 20s!!!
Choker... Give me a friggin break!!!!

My God!! Is this a joke??? Price for #7 million a year? How about Price for $0 per year by trading this weak embarrassment to any team who would take him. What an insult to all long standing Habs fans. Boycott this team, Molson's, etc.

Anyone claiming that price is choking and sucks obviously has a bias towards the kid because he is a back to back All-Star goalie.

The problem is that he is playing behind an almost AHL d-core. Diaz, Weber, Campoli, Emelin, Kaberle, Subban, Gorges, Gill.......are you kidding me?

Gaithier has just solidified his forward group and I trust he will now turn towards his d-men. Going forward there is no way that we can win with such a small and inexperienced group.

Subban is going to be a really good d-man but he should be the #1 at this point of his career. Gauthier needs to part ways with Weber, Campoli, Gill right now and needs to bring in some players in their mid 20's and big enough to protect that net.

Opposing teams enter our zone and get to the front of the net way too easily.

As for Price I have no issue signing him to a 6 or 7 year deal but $7 million per season is not the right number.

If I am Gauithier I would sign him on a 2 year deal at around $5 million per season and then see if his career starts to develop. If it does then you re0sign him to the big lucrative deal but there is no point paying $7 million to an RFA given the cap restraints we now face.

Carey is far from choking, if you had the defense in front of you that this kid has had this year you would be shell shocked. It has been a really tough year for Carey injuries continue to pile up and the kids defending the Habs end of the ice are exactly that kids. Absolutely no experience in the NHL at all, except with the Hamilton Bulldogs. Pk has one full year, Campolli was injured in there very first game of the year, Hall is the most experienced out there, they traded away a great defense man to take on another large contact. Carey has proven himself I believe, no goal tender is going to stop them all and when your left hanging out too dry by your defense more often than not it is guaranteed you will let pucks in the net. The habs have had so many short handed goals scored on them this year. The Canadiens need to settle on Carey and Pk and start building around these guys and then the future will look a lot brighter!!!

I knew i would get blasted for calling him a choker.
but i will stand behind my comments.
When is the last time carey price won an NHL playoff series? how many shootouts has he won this year? How many times does he mishandle the puck directly to an opponent?
Yes he is a 2, soon to be 3 time all star, but give me a break. that argument doesnt hold water, as every team now HAS to have representation in the ASG.
5 yrs ago he wouldnt even be thought of for it.

Listen i love the habs, i truly do. but im also a fair fan. if there is something about my team i dont like, i wont shy away from admitting it.
and i dont like Price.

We are entitled to our opinions so don't think anyone would chastised you.

In terms of the all-star game unfortunately thats not true. There are 4 teams this season with no representation at all. Fact is that he is among the best in the league.

Has Price been stellar absolutely not. His shootouts this season have been poor but I do believe that until this season he has actually excelled.

As for playoff records true he has not won in a long time but in fairness he lost in 7 to the cup champions in OT and his stats apart from wins and losses again I believe are not poor.

Has he lived to expectations I would say perhaps not but by that same token he is far from a choker.

I've been a faithful fan for 44 years now...yes 44 years. I have seen great players and great goalies come and go over those multiple decades. I have seen MANY goalies that DID prove themselves, Price is not yet one of them. Indeed he proved himself in the lower levels, but that is not the NHL, and I'm still waiting to see what he can truly do, and do night in night out, not just every now and then. Great goaltending consistency is what wins BIG contracts, and I do not think he has shown that type of consistency yet.

Only an idiot would sign Carey Price for 7 million. You could get a goalie better than him for less than 4 million a year (Rask, Elliot, Halak....). Tim Thomas is making about 4 million a year, Halak is making 3 million, DO NOT SIGN A GOALIE FOR 7 MILLION, YOU WILL NEVER WIN!


I agree $7 million is too much buy who is better out there for $4 million. You mention Halak and his almost $4 million per year but he's not even the #1 in St Louis. He's been a back up for 2 season.

But ask your where would the NYR or Preds be without Lundquost or Rinne respectively.

$7 million is too much in my books but Price will find himself in the $5 to $6 million along with most NHL goaltenders including miller, Thomas, and most #1's

Price is good, but I agree with 5 million. No one could ever live up to 7 mil per year in Montreal, the fans would just expect too much. Not even a modern day Rocket.

the habs have allowed less shots than boston,why do they have so many less goals against?better goalies?

pay price the same as halak no more.3 years

price is no tim and should not get as much money.

@third to last Anon: I think the Bruins' league low goals-against is more a reflection of their EXCELLENT defensive squad than it is Tim Thomas. Don't get me wrong because I think Thomas is top-three or five in the league right now.

But Boston has one of the best defensive squads in the league. You could put pretty much anyone in the net and the Bruins would still have a super low goals against.

The Price is not right!!!

If these teams...especially the Habs...haven't learned from previous long term big dollar deals they are truly dolts!
If Price wants 7 years, MAX 5mil/per...or let him go. Goalies especially are so streaky.

Send Gomez to Hamilton, trade Gionta if possible next year. Go with youth, the Cole and Borque deals are winners for sure.

Georges, Subban, Cole, Borque are all good moves...

Losing Cam was Gomez and Gionta need to go.

Price is a keeper at 5/ more.

Sign Price asap. This team needs to rebuild and they need to do it around Carey and Subban. Gomez and Kaberle are duds and should be gone. The Cole and Bourque trades were great and that is the way we have to go. Montreal has always been known to be a low scoring defensive type team (JM style) this has to change. We need some size that can charge the net and pick up the lose pucks.

No way - get rid of this guy - the most I would offer him is 3 year 8.75 million - or let him go.

C'mon folks. I,too,was a Price non-believer in the past. But if he weren't in goal, our Habs would be a hell of a lot worse off than they are. 7 yrs...6 mill.

Trade for youth and draft picks. Start the rebuild now!!

How can you say he's not a playoff performer. Did anyone actually pay attention to the 7 game series against Boston last year? Price's stats during that 7 game series that was lost by 1 goal were better than Tim Thomas stats. During the series Price had a 2.11 GAA and a .934 save percentage..... not too bad for a choker. Sure Thomas finished the playoffs with better stats, but during that series numbers don't lie, Price was the better goalie. It's the guys in front of him that came up short.

To all the guys and gals saying Price is a choker and he isn't playing well I laugh at you. Do you even watch the games? Carey Price and Eric Cole are the only players on our team that are performing. When every shot you face is a scoring chance because your defenses average age is 4 your bound to let in a few. He still has a great SAV% of .915 and a GAA of 2.38, those numbers alone on the team his is backed by are amazing. If they have a chance to lock up a young goalie that is known as one of the best in the league for 7-10 years I say jump at that ASAP!! whats the alternative Peter Budaj or maybe another one of those available all star goalies on the market...... oh wait there isn't any. This team needs to drop Gomez, Gionta, Gill, Kostitsyn, and Plekanec. All those players are -7 or worse with exception to Gomez who is -3 but in only 23 games. That's our problem not our ALL-STAR GOALIE!

Why does Gionta come up as trade bait??? He's a hard worker, compliments pleks well to make our now 2nd line strong(when healthy) Bourque/Moen/Eller could really be a strong 3rd line and our 4th can be made up of Leblanc,Palushaj,Geoffrion(a player that will stand out soon enough based on his progression stats slow but steady point gains, good shot pct and +/-) we could use a strong top 6 power forward but our D core isnt bad Emelin leads D-men in hits Gorges leads D-men in shot blocks Markov is a premiere Offensive D-man when healthy and Subban is a speedy/unpredictable/high endurance minute cruncher....i think our lost injury time drained us we offloaded the lazy kostitsyn(wish gomez could be kicked to the curb) signing Price to 5 Mill will be the only justifiable amount if not less or else let him test the waters and take a hit and go with Budaj for 1/4 of a season to get a real price worth on the bundle of nerves goalie that is Price, his SO record DOES justify his lack of self worth yet i know he is capable of being a solid goalie with the players mentioned heading up the core of this i said dont underestimate Leblanc, Palushaj and Geoffrion they will be strong in a full season

Okay so everyone who says price hasnt proven himself? even a year where the TEAM is horrible, price is a top 15 goalie in EVERY STAT. and to those who say signing Halak/Elliot or rask/thomas... these goalies SPLIT the work load so if they are both being paid 4 million then that means your spending the same 8 million for price/back-up??? Now what you fail to understand is that THE PRICE IS RIGHT. if you lock Carey down until he is 34(well into his prime) then you dont need to worry about goaltending anymore, you can concentrate on getting Maclom subban(MAYBE case he is a goalie) and then move on to drafting more people like Mcdonagh, or other josh gorges like players. Our forwards are missing a winger for the gomez gionta line(could have been cammerlli IF he tried) OR get a big winger who is good on faces off and let him take it and put Gomez on the wing? solves the big # 1 center problem AND gives that line more scoring power, lets face it gomez might get 10 goals and 50 assists and is valued at 3.5 mill (this would be if they gave him someone else who can score... Remember when it was patches-gomez-Gionta...) This being Said injuries, and lack luster playing is what hurt us this year, NOT Carey Price, there is ONE maybe TWo games he was to blame for(even then full team meltdown) but he is the reason we WON 26 games and still might be able to hit 30 wins AGAIN... wow a goalie who is on the worst team in the league minus CBJ and he has better then goalies in a playoff run position.... Now to those saying to get rid of price can i have some of whatever your smoking?

just trade him he is only worth 3 million

price is not worth $ 3 million trade him and bring back halak.

if your going to sign price for 7 million you might as well keep gomez too

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