Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Habs/Wings, Engqvist up, Thomas and More

Andreas Engqvist - Minnesota Wild v Montreal Canadiens
Morning Habs fans!

One last game before the All-Star break for nos Canadiens.

In fact, tonight's game against the Red Wings is the only contest in the league. The Habs will not hit the ice until next Tuesday, January 31st to face off against the equally lowly Buffalo Sabres.

With Travis Moen and Petteri Nokelainen likely out for tonight's game, Andreas Engqvist was recalled by the Habs.

While he was not especially memorable in his first tour of duty with the Canadiens, it is worth noting that the Swedish centre has been lighting up the AHL since being sent down.  In 27 games with the Bulldogs, Engqvist has collected 23 points.

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Does anyone know if Markov is alive? What's happening with Ryan White?

Hey sanman_11

No one knows much on Markov. At this point, I think the team is even a bit perplexed on his status.

As for White, he has been skating for the last few weeks and looks to be back shortly after the ASG.

@sanman_11: Louis nailed it...on the Markov front, I would just add that, as I said in early December, I don't think he'll play a game this season.

And, I wouldn't be surprised if next season, and maybe even his entire career, are in jeopardy right now...

Whether Markov is healthy or not right now I think is insignificant. We have LTIR money which can be used to acquire a big ticket player and the team has insurance to cover those lost games meaning Molson is not out of pocket.

This hole on D needs to be addressed and we need to acquire a true #1 to help the team, aid Subban in his development and allow us to move forward.

@Bryan I think Mr. Molson is accutely aware he is not out of pocket and accutely aware he is making great money on a team that has sold out every game without him having to cough up anywhere from 3.5 - 7.0 M because of LTI. The shareholders will be happy and that's what matters. I'm not sure if he cares whether this team wins or losses as long as 21,273 fans come out every game. He will miss the playoff revenue but what's that 3 games from last year? Small potatoes.


Keep in mind, playoff revenue is actually huge. All player salaries are paid at this point and ticket prices tend to increase due to the post-season.

Estimates often put playoff revenu at over a million dollars - per game.

These are our Canadiens, lets show are pride. When the going gets tough then you find out how the real fans are. I was born in Montreal at 3 my family moved to Detroit. I have since moved to Windsor, Ontario, and am still a life long Canadiens fan. I`m 57 years old now and still am a life long Canadiens fan. We have to stay behind our boys and quit all the whining, that`s for loser`s. Let`s show what real CANADIEN FANS really are all about. GO! HABS GO! ED

@sanman_11: I sincerely hope you're wrong about Molson. I'm not sure that you are but, for fans' sakes, I HOPE you are. If all Molson cares about is money, and not the on-ice product, then the Habs have never been on a truer path to becoming Harold Ballard's Leafs!

@anonymous: Well said! I love to hear that kind of pride and passion from fans! You are a true one, to be sure!

@Kamal being in the corporate world I know the CEO is accountable first and foremost to the shareholders. Those same shareholders could be Leaf, Sens, Bruins, or whatever team fans and could not care less about the HABS as passionate fans like ourselves. Shareholders demand returns and the way to do that is the Harold Ballard way - if you can get a way with it. 21,273 per night who don't stay away feeds the Ballard business case. The only way to change things is to force change by staying away.

@sanman_11: Yep, you're right. And I don't see a fan protest of the Habs on the horizon.

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