Sunday, January 22, 2012

Habs/Leafs post game, Bruins Ference hearing, Campoli's value, Rumours and more

Morning puck addicts!

Your Montreal Canadiens played and defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs last night at the ACC in Toronto.

This was yet another must-win for the still mathematically alive, but mostly otherwise dead, Habs.

Including a 4-2 shootout loss to the Pens, Montreal has picked up three out of a possible four points in their last two games. They'll have to continue to collect points at that rate it they have any hope of making the playoffs.

But, in my opinion, the mountain is just too high.

Montreal plays their final game before the all-star break, Wednesday, against the red hot Red Wings. After that, the Habs play the Sabres, Devils, Capitals and Jets. These are four teams that are hardly tearing it up in the standings, and with whom the Habs are in direct competition for a playoff spot.

Anything less than three out of four wins just won't be enough. But let's see how they do, Wednesday, starting with the Red Wings. Oh how sweet it would be to ride into the All-Star break with five out of six points in their last three games!

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Jesus we need to read in EVERY article "the mountains to high", "not this year", "mostly otherwise dead"...on and on....every article starting the same way. Can't we just get the jist of the game and leave your insensate pessimistic prologue of our playoff chances to a Leaf or Boston fan sight. Sorry man, but I'm just fed up of hearing neigh-sayers droning on about what we probable CAN'T do.

Hey there Anonymous and thanks for your comment!

I understand what you're saying but I don't feel I'm being a naysayer, I'm just being realistic.

I said, a few months ago, that I thought the Habs would miss the playoffs and I stand by that statement. And considering that the team is in dire need of points, I think it's normal to do a game-by-game revaluation of the team's chances.

I know I'm not the only one in the media doing the play by play on that!

It's incredibly realistic to say the Habs probably won't be making the playoffs which is why I don't mind when the losses pile up. No point in putting together a few wins here and there to finish 9th, 10th or even 11th. The lower we go the better the draft pick.

Management will be changed over the course of the off season and the Habs will start over next year and I would be highly surprised if next season is anything like the one we're currently suffering through.

@ Sean

Let me ask you a question. Do you think management will change? Under normal circumstances if there the owner or President wants to change the person in charge then they take measures to ensure that no decisions which may impct the club can take place.

In other words, you do not let the GM make any moves which can impact the future. For some reason this has not happened with Montreal.

There is a general belief or wish that Gauthier is removed as GM yet he still has th ability to trade for $13 million in salary, trade our highest paid player, etc...

I am not so certian that change is in the cards given such a mandate

@Sean/Bryan: Bryan, you bring up a point which is sitting like a splinter in my mind.

The consensus seems to be that Gauthier will be replaced by or before the end of the season. But then why is he being allowed to make CRITICAL moves to retool this team?

That, to me, speaks to GM who has the backing of his owner. I don't understand how that could be the case, but the facts speak for themselves.

Adding Kaberle's dollars, shipping out Cammalleri. These are not small moves. You hear guys like Mitch Melnick and Tony Marinaro saying how there is no way that Gauthier is still around at the next year...and I tend to agree...but the facts say otherwise.


Definitely a good point, I've been thinking the same thing the past few weeks worrying that the Gorges signing and the Cammalleri trade indicate Gauthier is here to stay, however, the optimist in me insists there is a chance that any GM decision that has been made recently has been run by Molson before being finalized.

@Sean: I think that, when it comes to adding salary, the decisions always have to go by the owner.

So, in the case of Kaberle, for example, Gauthier was taking on dollars and term. Molson had to sign off on that (increase in payroll).

And THAT is disturbing as hell to me! That means that he approved a move which, imo, was/is brutal.

I think Spacek was right...this is just a circus right now!

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