Thursday, January 19, 2012

Habs/Caps, Probability, New GM and More

Alex Ovechkin - Washington Capitals v Montreal Canadiens
Morning puck fans.

A win last night would have put the Montreal Canadiens within six points of the Washington Capitals and the final playoff berth in the East.

Instead, the Habs failed to pounce on a team that was playing the tail end of back-to-back games. 

Now, according to SportClub Stats, the Canadiens have but a 9.9% chance of making the post-season. Perhaps more tellingly, due to last night's loss their odds went down a whopping 7%.

In the end, this team simply seems unable rise to the occasion.

Mind you, I rose last night.

I rose, changed the channel and stopped watching. Choking a six minute man-advantage makes people do that.

At least this morning's Habs News section is richly filled.

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This Canadiens team hasn't risen to the occasion since the 1st game in October!!! And if it wasn't for Carey has they said on TSN masking thee issue by stopping more than he lets in this team would be in far sadder situation than they are now. They get a chance to take on the Capitals who are not exactly playing up their potential either after beating the best on Sunday night and with a 28-16 shot difference get beat 3-0!!! What is with that? Its depressing let me tell you, what ever happened to the Canadiens we knew and Loved?? Because this group stinks the joint out most nights!!! I pay for the super sports package so I can watch them and this is their season it sure makes wonder if they shouldn't give their head a shake and turn off the Habs for this 2011,12 season!!!


Contrary to what TSN says, I think, lately - not overall - Price has been part of the problem. Over the last 13 games, his save percentage has dipped below .900 and he allows some unusually bad goals, as evidenced last night.

As for a 28-16 shot difference, there is a nuance between shots and chances. Mind you, I turned off the game after that failed Triple-minor. Hey, even bloggers get annoyed.

So perhaps you can tell me if the team generated any real chances afterwards

I still don't blame Carey for all the problems, a lack of scoring, a lack of good defense yes these are the major issues with this Canadiens team. Carey has to be perfect every night to get this Habs team any wins and as we all know that is impossible and can't happen. When a player as big as Kostishyn can't ward a smaller player from Washington and as a result they score something is defiantly wrong!! And no they didn't get any major scoring chances during the power play, I suppose that is Carey' fault too!!!

@Charles: Well said and too true.

There is no question that Price has been shaky over the last month or two, but prior to that he was basically the only reason Montreal had ANY wins this season.

The bottom line is that this team cannot score. And THAT is the biggest problem, not Price's performance.

Price is in the unfortunate situation that unless he plays a perfect game, every night, his team has ZERO chance of winning. If he is perfect, or near perfect, they can still lose but at least there's a chance.

That is far too unreasonable demands being placed on his shoulders. Couple that with the brutal season that has been and it gets to you psychologically.

To me, that is the biggest problem with Price right now. He doesn't have the pinpoint focus.

He'll get it back (next season). I'm not concerned.

Oh I don't think he has really lost it, it is a case he gets scored on and the offense can't get it back. With only about two good defensive pairings on this team it kind leaves Carey hung out to dry most nights. The Canadiens need to start at the top with Gauthier and then work their way down through the team, picking up Kaberle to help the power play was a waste of time and another large contract. He hasn't played bad for Montreal its just a fact he was useless on the power play in Boston and Carolina how was it going to be different in Montreal? Anyway lets see what happens tonight in Pittsburgh and tomorrow in Toronto. The Habs seem to play the Penguins pretty well and especially Carey he seems to enjoy beating them. And Toronto has been up and down lately.

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