Thursday, January 26, 2012

Habs Rout, Diaz at ASG, Subban Benched, and More

P.K. Subban - Montreal Canadiens v Toronto Maple Leafs

The Canadiens are sure a hard team to figure out, aren't they?

Against some of the best team's in the league, the Habs find a way to post convincing wins, as they did against Boston, Philadelphia and New York earlier this season.

And, last night, they outright trounced the Detroit Red Wings to the tune of 7-2.

It is all well and good to say the Red Wings did not look sharp or their goaltending was subpar. But, 7-2 against the Red Wings is impressive regardless.

Despite the big win, a lot of the post-game talk centred - surprise! - on defenceman P.K. Subban.

The blueliner was benched for the entire middle frame after his elbowing penalty against Dan Cleary cancelled a late first period power play. He was back for the third frame.

Controversy surrounding P.K?

The more things change, the more they stay the same I suppose. 

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TSN is a funny bunch. They mad the Cammalleri comments and trade way bigger then it was. I'm pretty sure they have a camera on PK every minute of every game. But then last night they fairly reported the PK situation although referenced it way too much. What I don't understand is why the media in MTL isn't that rabid about asking the tough questions like Markov's status, trade options, etc. It seems like they latch onto something and have no imagination or concern for other relevant issues. I had the pleasure of meeting John Liu in Montreal a few weeks back and he told me he likes to report the facts. I thought that was fair but I did mention that I felt TSN was very Toronto centric and was very opportunistic to report challenges the HABS have but not equally the successes. He agreed. I just wish the reporters of this team focused on real issues and left players like PK alone or at least equally reported other relevant issues. I don't know what the relationship is but I'll bet there are some reporters that like tagging along with the team and don't want to hurt their chances of being isolated. Too bad, journalists that tow the line are basically useless in my opinion. They are PR not reporters.

@sanman_11: Well said and I can't argue with you. There are some that do tow the company line. A lot actually, and that tends to be the same old same old reporting you hear/read everywhere.

The ones who stand out are the one who tell it like it is. The thing is that, in Montreal, there is no Herb Brooks type of Habs beat writer, who says whatever he wants, politics be damned.

Mmmm....unlees you count Jack Todd. :-)

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