Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Habs News, Rants, Thomas, Ovechkin and More

Jacques Martin - Montreal Canadiens v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Five
Morning puck fans.

According to a report on RDS, Jacques Martin still owns a role within the Canadiens organization.

This only adds to a point I have made earlier this season: the Habs keep far too many remnants of previous management teams.

Bob Gainey, who was replaced by his assistant Pierre Gauthier, remains as a consultant for Geoff Molson.

Randy Cunneyworth, who was an assistants under Jacques Martin, took over the coaching reigns.

Clement Jodoin, an assitant coach in the Michel Therrien era, heads the farm team in Hamilton.

Patrick Boivin, Pierre's son, is a Vice President with the team. As is Rejean Houle.

My point is that, individually, these men are doubtlessly competent.

Collectively, they risk forming a culture of stagnation and failure.

In the kitchen, there are only so many things you can do when you always cook with the same ingredients. But when you change some, add some, use them differently, a world of possibility opens up.

It is likewise in the Canadiens' front office: time to change the ingredients.


On another note, I am certain most of you have heard that Tim Thomas skipped his team's trip to the White House by now.

Never mind the absurd politics behind this - Thomas does not want the rich to be taxed? He believes unions should have less power in negotiations? - it was an oddly distracting decision in a league that so seldom tolerates any one stepping out of line.

P.K Subban, Linus Omark and Artem Anisimov, to name a few, have been cast in ill-light due to some of their outside the norm gestures.

Yet the Bruins seem rather accepting of Thomas' decision to forfeit this trip.

In short, being talkative, creative or over exuberant on the ice is not tolerated in the NHL. Embarassing your team by not going to the White House - because, you know, you won the Stanley Cup - is all good?

Hockey's culture never ceases to perplex me.

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