Monday, December 19, 2011

Canadiens/Bruins, Jacques Martin, Erik Cole, Sutter and More

Erik Cole - New York Islanders v Montreal Canadiens
Happy Monday Hockey fans.

After another dramatic weekend in Montreal, the Canadiens get ready to embark on their season-determining Christmas road trip.

With games against Boston, Chicago, Winnipeg, Ottawa Florida and Tampa Bay, the results during this voyage will truly set the tone for the second half of the campaign.

Currently, the Canadiens remain only two points out of a playoff position, sitting in 13th with 33 points. Sport Club Stats gives the Habs a 38.9 percent chance of making the post-season.

With the way things have gone lately, you would expect it to be worse, wouldn't you?


Forum - Who would you pick as a long term coach?

Habs News

Hockey Inside / Out - On to Boston

Hockey Inside / Out - Cole avoids suspension, Lucic to have hearing

Louis' Note: Montreal cannot afford to be without Cole, but he should have gotten time for his hit. Turning a blind eye once again, the league has clearly lost its resolve regarding headshots.

Kamal's Note: The fact that Cole was not suspended speaks to inconsistency from the league. It is sad that before the hearing no one had any idea if he's be suspended because the league has failed to hold the line.

That said, this hit was similar, if less vicious, than the Ryan Malone hit on Chris Campoli earlier in the year (Malone was not suspended). So while I agree with Louis that BOTH hits should have been suspendable, at least there is consistency between those two decisions.

La Presse - Un homme déçu bien plus qu'en colère

La Presse - Patrick Roy prêt à écouter si le Canadien lui fait une offre

Louis' Note: So many people, including Bertrand Raymond, seem to think Roy is the only logical choice to be the next Habs coach. Do you think Roy is next in line?

Sports Illustrated - What Doomed Jacques Martin in Montreal?

TSN - With new Anglo coach, Canadiens strike a nerve in Quebec

Louis' Note: The whole language issue is silly. That is all I will say for now, I will write a proper piece addressing the issue this week.

Hockey News - Not Always Go Time

Spector's Hockey - Latest on the Canadiens and Hurricanes

Spector's Hockey - Morning Coffee Headlines

TSN - Sutter agrees to become Kings' next head coach

Louis' Note: This is old news, but I put it there just to comment. Seriously? Sutter? After setting the Flames back with his poor management decisions and his underwhelming playoff record, I can't help but question the logic of this move. Don't you?

TSN - Numbers Game: Senators get Turris for Rundblad, pick

Louis' Note: A top prospect and a second round pick for a pouting hold out who never had more than 35 points? A lot of people here in Ottawa (where I physically reside) are not too pleased with this move, especially considering Runblad's apparent high potential. For having seen Runblad play, I agree with their dismay.

(Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images North America)


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