Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Sunday Shinny - Nov. 20, 2011 - Should Habs trade P.K. Subban, Eller vs. Desharnais, Scott Gomez and more

In this episode of the Sunday Shinny, Gary Whittaker and Kamal Panesar welcome Robyn Flynn to the show.

Topics include:
-Would Habs trade PK Subban for an Eric Staal/Elite center?
-If you could choose ONLY one, would it be Lars Eller or David Desharnais?
-Was Scott Gomez' performance enough to keep his detractors at bay?

Click play below to listen in (listing time 43:47):

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America)


WOW, that is a lot to take in!!!!! Trade P.K...

HELL NO!!!! Eller or Desharnais, the answer is


and everyone needs to get off Gomer and let him get his $h!1 together.

Hi HabsFan4Life and thanks for your comment!

Well, if you heard the podcast, you see that I'm also NOT for trading Subban!

All of this talk started because Francois Gagnon mentioned it on the weekday morning show so we decided to tackle that issue as well.

I also agree with you re: Eller v. DD. DD is good but I think Eller, as the ONLY big center the Habs have, brings something that is intangible to the team!

Good point on Gomez too! He had a great game against the Rangers....let's see if he can get some momentum going now!

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