Monday, November 28, 2011

Montreal Canadiens Video: Max Pacioretty Get Three-Game Suspension

RDS has confirmed that Max Pacioretty received a three-game suspension for his blindside hit on Pittsburgh's Kris Letang.

Here's video of the hit if you haven't seen it.

So what do you think of the hit? The suspension?

Too much? Not enough or just right?

Here's Shanahan's explanation of his reasoning:

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It's not a pretty sight, for sure. For watching Pacs for the extent of his career in Montreal,I do not believe it was done with intent to injure.

But, personal bias aside, it was a violent hit to a vulnerable player and worthy of a suspension. I'm not pleased to see Pacs gone, but it's the right call.

@Louis: I thought he would get suspended but felt it would be too. I'm a little surprised with three games but, ultimately, the league got this right.

Ugly hit and the player (Pacioretty) needs to be responsible for his actions.

It's the right call but where is the consistency for these calls. That's what I want to know? I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I've got to say the Habs are not getting any breaks from officiating nor league discipline.

@anon: I have to agree with you there...the inconsistency is what is driving people crazy.

I think they got this call right (although I thought it should have been two) but they really need to get their yardstick in order...

right call but i think the habs are getting the shaft from the league by the way when are they going to get of jacques martin and gauthier !!!!!!!!

I for one am absolutely furious this morning. When this play happened I thought to myself that is was suspension worthy but given the amount of non-calls (i.e. Lucic on Miller, Malone on Campoli, Doughty cross check, etc...) I thought to myself that we had reverted to the days of Colin Campbell..

How can one act be suspension worthy and a similar act not. It does not make sense and that is what absolutely infuriates me.

If a player is always responsible for their stick then always being responsible for your body should be a given.

Let's get rid of this stupid gray area and let's define a clear set of rules that under any circumstance punishes equally.

If it is a hit to the head then it should be an automatic suspension of 2 games. No debates, no questions.....hit to the head equals suspension.

Then you add additional games depending on the severity. Max getting 3 games is justifiable, Deveaux getting 3 games is a joke. Time to right this ship because Shanahan has become a lsaughing stock less than 1/3 of his way through his first season.

@Bryan: Well said Bryan and I think you share the same sentiment that most fans do. It's not the suspension but the seeming inconsistency that is bothering people.

Shanahan started things off on the right foot but it seems that his consistency has been tested and perhaps has fallen short.

I thought Max would/should get two games, so three is not the end of the world.

To your point, until the league puts in some clearly defined rules/guidelines for suspensions, this kind of inconsistency will continue to happen.

Also, why exactly is it that they talk to the hitter (for the suspension hearing) but not the hitee? Should the person who got laid out be able to tell their side of the story too?

I think alot of the damage on this play (which nobody is talking about) was done by Cole. When you watch the replay Cole hits the stick, making Letang lose control for a little while.

That loss of possession forced him bury his head somewhat more, to look for the puck instead of using his peripheral vision to see who was coming at him.

It was a series of small incidents which ultimately lead to a major one and now one of our more consistent forwards is gone for 3.

With that said I leave one final thought......Max Pacioretty targeted Letang.

When a player has 6-7-8 chances to hit a forward or a dman along the boards but ultimately decides to not throw any checks throughout the game but instead look for a player with his head down, vulnerable throw the middle of the ice........that's targeting.

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