Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Franchise Weekend Morning Show's Sunday Shinny - June 26, 2011

In this episode of the Sunday Shinny, Gary Whittaker, Nick Murdocco and Kamal Panesar welcome Rick Springhetti—who has been QJMHL scout for Mckeen’s hockey for the last 3 seasons and has also contributed scouting reports for prospects all over the world—to the studio.

Gary, Nick and Amanda Stein interview Ian Laperriere on his the 2011 Bill Masterton Trophy, being part of the ownership group of the team formerly known as the Montreal Juniors, and the recent changes made by the Flyers.

Sunday Shinny topics include:
Overall Habs draft report card, should the Habs have drafted big forwards for the future?

Markov contract
- good, bad?
- why extend offer to Hamrlik?

The NHL changed wording to rule 48...
- will this change everything?
- will Shanahan era plus rule 48 see drop in head shots?

Click play below to listen in (listing time 59:47):


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