Monday, May 16, 2011

Montreal Canadiens: New Sunday Shinny, Should Habs sign Jaromir Jagr?

by Kamal Panesar

Greetings folks! I'm popping my head out of my cave during a minor break in renos to discuss a little puck.

So, if you haven't already heard, Jaromir Jagr said to the press—after the Czech Republic won the bronze medal in the Worlds—that he would consider playing for the Penguins, Rangers or Canadiens in an NHL return.

He went on to say that hockey in Montreal and Canada is crazy and unlike anywhere else. He said he's never played in Canada and would like to but that " never know."

Sounds pretty clear that he would love playing in Montreal with fellow countryman Tomas Plekanec.

We discussed this topic on the Sunday Shinny this past weekend (you can listen to it below). In short, my view is that Jagr is more of a plan 'B' to me, since he isn't a long term solution. The Habs desperately need more scoring up front and Jagr, playing on a line with Plekanec and Michael Cammalleri, would surely help in the department.

He wouldn't put up 100 points but would likely put up 60.

That being said, he is not likely to play more than a year or so and, being in a building mode, the Canadiens are better off looking for longer term help. Try Brooks Laich or Ville Leino or even my personal favorite, Curtis Glencross.

Failing the ability to land some kind of longer term help I wouldn't hesitate to bring in Jagr for a year or two.

Word also has it that Habs' GM, Pierre Gauthier, hasn't yet ruled out signing Jagr so the plot is certainly thickening!

What are your thoughts? Would you take a flyer on Jagr?

New Sunday Shinny podcast
In this episode of the Sunday Shinny, we had a full house in studio with Gary Whittaker, Nick Murdocco, Kamal Panesar, Amanda Stein and Sean Coleman welcoming Will Martinez to the show.

Topics include:
-The Tampa Bay Lightning versus the Boston Bruins
-Who will win? How do they matchup?
-San Jose Sharks versus the Vancouver Canucks
-Who will win? How do they matchup?
-Alexei Yemelin
-The Montreal Canadiens defense and forwards
-Jaromir Jagr
-And much more...

Click play below to listen in (listing time 40:19):

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A 1 year contract on Jagr at a reasonable price might not be a bad idea if you can't land a younger player. Glencross re-signed with Flames today so he is out but there could be some good players still available that are younger.

Hi there anonymous!

Yep, I agree. I think the chemistry between Jagr and Plekanec is enough to take that chance. But for me, that should be secondary to signing a long-term, young, bonafide scorer.

Not that players like that are readily available, but you get my point.

As for Glencross, yep, I just saw that he signed. Oh well, he would have been a perfect fit for the Habs.

why not go for Richards,Laich and Gagne.
trade or bury Gomez and move Pouliot and Moen.
13forwards @36.5million- 39.0.
keep markov-gorges-subban-wisniewski-gill-hamrlik-weber-yemelin @ 16.7million - 18.0
with goaltending remaining the sameand last year of buyout 4.25million.
TOTAL 57.5 - 61.25
forwards 36.5 - 39.0
defence 16.7 - 18.0
goal-BO 4.25

cap should be 62.0 million this year.
wasting Gomez's salary is worth it because itimproves team greatly.

Wow, good stuff my friend! Anonymous No.2 I mean...

I think your logic is sound and, imo, I wouldn't hesitate to bury Gomez in the minors.

My point is only that I don't believe Habs management will do that. At least not yet. If Gomez continues to suck then you never know, but for now I just don't see it.

IF, however, they did decide to bury Gomez's contract, then the Richards move is a logical first choice.

Another problem, however, is that I don't think the Habs are high on Richards' wish list.

Either way, this is going to be an interesting summer!

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