Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Team 990 Contest: What Made You a Habs Addict?

by Kamal Panesar

The Montreal Canadiens are like a religion in this city.

Most of us have grown up watching them win and lose and have a strong emotional attachment to the team.  Some people watch the games at home while others prefer to go the a pub with friends.  Others collect their game ticket stubs while others collect Montreal Canadiens' mugs.

However people celebrate being a fan of the Canadiens most would have no problem admitting that they are addicted to their beloved team.  That's actually why I called my site HabsAddict.com, because I feel that we are all addicts of our team.  We are addicted to the highs of the team which is why the lows hurt so much!

It is with this in mind that in collaboration with HabsAddict.com, the Team 990's The Franchise weekend morning show are bringing you the Habs addict contest!

We want to hear your story.  We want to know what makes you the biggest Habs addict out there!  So, we are throwing down a challenge:

Tell us what makes you the biggest Habs addict out there and get an opportunity to talk Habs with us on the Sunday Shinny!
We want you to tell us, in 250 words or less, what makes you the biggest Habs addict.   It can be a story about your first game, something about a puck collection you have, or even a game memory.  Whatever it is, it has to explain why you, more than any of the other entrants, are the biggest Habs addict.  We will select the top five entries and put them up on thefranchise.ca for people to vote for their winner.

The winner will be announced at the beginning of February and will come on an episode of the Sunday Shinny in March (pending availability) with Gary Whittaker, Nick Murdocco and Kamal Panesar, to talk Habs and hockey!

So, without further ado, here are the CONTEST DETAILS:

-In 250 words or less, tell us what makes you the biggest Habs addict.
-Email entries to gary@theteam990.com, nick@theteam990.com, or kamal@habsaddict.com
-Entries will be accepted from Monday January 3, 2011 until Monday January 24, 2011.
-We will select the top five entries and post them for voting.
-Voting will take place from Monday January 28, 2011 to Monday February 14, 2011 on thefranchise.ca
-The winner will be announced at the end of February and will be on the Sunday Shinny at the beginning of March (pending availability)

The gauntlet has been thrown so show us your stuff!  If you are addicted to the Montreal Canadiens and love to talk about them we want to hear from you!

So, what makes you the biggest Habs addict?


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