Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Live Trade Chat - Jan. 26 , 2011 at 2:15 PM

Live Trade Chat Today at 2:15pm

Hey all! My colleagues Steven Hindle, Eric Engels and myself will be doing a live trade chat today at 2:15 pm.

We'll be talking about the Habs but, more importantly, what moves they might be making.

Join and take part in the chat below:

P.K. Subban, the All Star

In other news, Subban received word this morning that he will be going to the all star game. He will participate in the rookie potion of the weekend.

I guess Price won't be the lone Habs representative after all!


I see a very common theme when it comes to the names being rumored to be headed to the Habs. I honestly believe they will stand pat at the deadline. I think they may look to the offseason when they have some cash freed up to try and bring in re-inforcements. I dont think the Habs are keen on shipping out their youngsters when they are close to being on the outside of the playoff race.

That being said I took the time to make a list of potential trade candidates of my own:

1)Kristian Huselius(CBJ)-$4.75M. A bit over priced but a low key sniper that would help.

2) RJ Umberger(CBJ)-$3.75M. A nemesis for the Habs when he wore Philly colors it would be nice to see him in a Habs uniform trying to solve those same Flyers.

3) Alex Tanguay(CGY)-$1.7M. Why not another round for Tangs. He is a budget forward that will help any team. Could be magic with Cammy.

4) Brendan Morrison(CGY)-$725K. Another bargain that should have been signed last year. Along with Tangs he could help any team also. A little small for what the Habs need.

5) Curtis Glencross(CGY)-$1.2M. Grit and finess, and a stellar work ethic. This could be a great steal for the Habs as he would bring everything they lack.

6) Alex Cogliano(EDM)-$1.0M. I cant see the Oil parting with this kid but he has not lived up to expectations and with speed to burn and great offensive upside at 1 million he would be a welcomed addition.

7) Brad Boyes(STL)-$4.0M. I really like Boyes and I think he is underappreciated by the Blues. I think he would be a great all around player the Habs could use. Only a couple seasons ago he was a back to back 30+ goal man.

8) Patrik Berglund(STL)-$1.25M. Not a well known player but at 6'4 he would be a perfect big man the Habs need. He is a former 20 goal guy and is on pace for 20+ this season.

9) Jason Arnott(NJ)-$4.5M. I hate the rental idea but Arnott would definitely help. IF he could be had for picks then i say do it. His 12 goals would be 5th on the Habs, not to shabby for a player many call washed up.

10) Nick Foligno(OTT)-$1.2M. A sneaky sniper that isnt scared to go to the dirty areas. At the right price for the Habs, Foligno could be a nice fit on the 3rd line.

11) Tim Connolly(BUF)-$4.5M. Connolly brings alot of untangibles, great faceoff man as well. A great 2 way player that can score and pass. A great 2nd line center the Habs could use.

12) Devin Setoguchi(SJ)-$1.8M. The best name on this list I think. A prime candidate for a change of scenery, and it will do him well. I think more ice time is what Devin needs and he would get it on the Canadiens. I would welcome him even if it meant parting with some young chips.

I think the Habs need to stay away from the bigger name guys(Iginla/Spezza) as that way they could re-sign them at a price affordable to them, and still keep their key pieces. I hate the idea of rental players, because the Habs are more than a player away from elite status. I think they need to just develop their young guys and any playoff success this year is just a bonus.

Good stuff Hirky and thanks for your excellent comment!

Honestly, for me, I am leaning towards Umberger more than any other player...

He isn't a 30 goal scorer, but that aside, he brings ALL of the elements that the Habs are missing out of their top-6. He would be an excellent addition.

I've heard others mention Setoguchi too and he would also be a great pick up. The only problem there is that he is small and would not help the Habs in the size department.

I really think that whoever they target whether up front or on the back end, they would do themselves well by picking up a player with size as well as skill.

A tall order, I know, but that is absolutely what they need.

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