Friday, November 26, 2010

HabsTalk Roundup - Episode 3 - Nov. 26, 2010

On this episode of the show, Kamal Panesar from and Rick Stephens from discuss the success of the Montreal Canadiens at the quarter mark of the 2010 season.

Topics include Scott Gomez, Carey Price, the power play, and more.

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Ok guys...another great podcast. I have been away for a bit but have managed to catch a couple Habs games on TV in the process. I am liking the direction they are going in. Carey Price has not played a bad game and the team as whole has not played too many bad games. Even in some of their losses they have looked great.

My 2 cents on the good...
1)P.H.D...OMG. This line has found some chemistry, I have retracted all my dump Darche comments. He has been a great heart and soul guy thus far. Halpern has been a great pickup.

2)AK46 - His goal scoring touch is back. I think they need to keep him playing with Pleks to take advantage of his hot streak.

3)Subban and Picard - Both guys have played stellar so far, PK seems to make some bonehead moves every once and a while but makes up for it with game changing defensive plays. Hopefully the odd goal comes for PK to boost his confidence in his shot again.

4)Carey Price - Must have been in line for TSN's H.O.N each and every start. I can count at least 1/2 a dozen post to post larcencies thus far. Great on him, I could care less about the stats of some Hoolak, or Hullak or whatever his name is in STL. LOL. Not sure why Pierre Groulx is not getting more credit.

My cents about the bad...
1)Mikey C on the 2nd line. He hates it, I hate it, his stat sheet hates it. I love that Gionta has broke out of his funk by playing on the 1st line but Cammalleri either needs 1st line time or a new centerman. Maybe swap Gomez for Eller and let Scotty center Line 4. A line of Cammy, Eller, and MaxP could be worth a shot.

2)Habs PP - I agree with your take on the Weber fiasco, why play him at FWD, it makes no sense. I would love to see him blasting pucks from the point as well. Convince JM to try it. Also, try and work the puck to Cammy and let him fire it. It works for a certain Stamkos fella.

3)Target practice - The Habs seem to miss the net every other shot. The point men could not hit mesh if the net was empty. This is something they have to work on to generate some rebounds and in turn generate some garbage goals.

4)JM's fear of change - Just wondering what the harm in bringing up a Bulldog or two to see if something clicks. They dont have to keep them up if they dont want to. But try some of the kids on the big team to see if something clicks. Who knows maybe Gomez and MaxPac are the next Gretzky/Kurri or Oates/Hull.

Well that is about it for now. I wish more Habs fans would get on here and join in. I love Habs Addict and it is worth every minute i spend reading and listening to Habs content. 2 thumbs up guys.

Hi Hirky and thanks, as always, for your excellent comment!

Glad you like the podcasts and the site! I really appreciate the support!

OK, let me hit up your points:
1 - Darche has, without a doubt, made himself indispensable and Halpern, in the top-5 scorers for the team at 600K is gold!

2 - No question. AK should play with Plek. Plek is the glue that makes the offense go, right now. The problem is that whoever has the misfortune of playing with Gomez disappears. You think Cammalleri is happy about being with Gomez? Hell no!

3 - I find that PK, from time to time, tries to do too much. I think that is normal for a player as young as he is. When he keeps things simple he is the most effective.

4 - Yep, Price has arrived. He is solid and has not had one bad game this season.

The bad, well, we touched on a bunch of that...they have to hit the net, IF they are going to use Weber play him as a D-man, re JM, again, I just think that the Habs have the luxury of time right now.

Thanks again and keep the excellent comments coming!

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