Monday, October 4, 2010

Quick Hits: Michael Cammalleri Gets One Game Suspension

by Kamal Panesar

Just a quick note to let you all know that Michael Cammalleri received a one game suspension for his stick incident against the Isles' Neiderreiter the other night.

After speaking with league disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, earlier in the day, Cammy and the Habs had to wait till 3 pm for the decision to come down.

The suspension means that Cammalleri will miss the season opening game against the Leafs on Thursday night in Toronto.

I have to say that this suspension was completely predictable in that it is a one-game slap on the wrist and fits with Cammy's clean record.

Yes, he threw an elbow into Havlat's face during the playoffs a few years ago, but he was never suspended for that incident and, as such, it had no bearing on the ruling today.

While the one-game suspension is not the end of the world, I have to say that the move was idiotic by Cammalleri. He is a veteran player who knows that he was playing in the last, meaningless game of the preseason.

Just let is go and focus on the first game of the regular season.

His foolish, dangerous, and selfish play will now cost the Habs their most dangerous sniper for the opening game.

Not the end of the world, but hardly the stuff of leaders either.

What do you think of the suspension?

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I'm okay with the suspension. If Ovechkin oversteps the same kinds of boundaries this year will he get a suspension? What about Carcillo or Cooke? Go ahead and suspend Cammy and he does deserve it - no question. I just want fairness and consistency from Campbell and the NHL enforcers. Last year I was unimpressed by the 2 tier justice system they had going on. I don't want it again this year.

Amen Tyg!

I think, as fans, that is what we all want. And despite Campbell insanely saying that he has always been consistent with his decisions, the reality is that he has not.

I think Cammy deserved a suspension so I have no prob with that, my disappointment is with Cammy himself, as he should have known better.

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