Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kamal Panesar on CJAD's The Habs Show with Barry Morgan - Sunday October 24, 2010

CJAD's Barry Morgan,'s Kamal Panesar, and Cowhide and Rubber's Kyle Roussel discuss the going ons of the Montreal Canadiens.

 Carey Price, Lars Eller, the power play and more.

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well Kamal...another week, another entertaining podcast. I personally love these podcasts. I don't get to here too much intelligent Habs conversations out here in Alberta. LOL.

OK, focusing on the issues brought up in the podcast:

1) Gio/Gom winger...i think it has to be 1 of 2 options...put Moen back there with these guys. I don't care what anyone says he has generate the most buzz on this line. They had plenty of scoring chances while TraMo was on that line. The other option is to split them up. I stated before i hated the idea but i believe it is the best option right now since they cant really trade for a guy at this point.

2) Habs PP. I think the Habs need to watch Calgary Flames film from 2008-09. Cammy had 19 PP goals that year...19!! Last year...4. I personally think they need a plan on the PP. They seem to get in the zone and just wing it, there is no setup. With PK and AM79 with cannons on the point the should be feeding those 2 with pass after pass to blast pucks past opponents goalies that will be shaking in the crease.

3) Lars Eller - virtually invisible the last few games, I agree with a stint in Hamilton, maybe not a long one but something to get him some confidence. Bring up someone like Pacioretty(only for the Top 6 LOL), or Palushaj or even the Bulldogs leading scorer Desharnais for a few games and see what happens there. If Eller isnt ready for prime time then dont force the issue.

4) Carey Price - This kid could start 70 games this season, he looks great. If St.Louis wins the Cup this year(doubt it) then maybe people can talk about Halak but for now I think Price and Halak are heading for a photo finish on the stats sheet. I dont think when the champagne flies at the end that either of these guys are going to be leaps and bounds above the other. I just hope the Habs make the playoffs so that Carey can showcase his abilities and put some of his playoff ghosts behind him.

Hi Hirky and thanks for your comment!

Glad you liked the podcast and thanks for listening in!

Re: your points:

1 - I like the idea of splitting them up more than putting Moen on their wing. You're right in that Moen has helped them get scoring chances, but I just think that he is ultimately not a top-6 guy, so why try to make him into that?

2 - Not a bad idea re: Flames pp....

3 - VERY well said! If it's not working, then don't force it to...send him down, let him season, and bring up someone who is ready for primetime.

4 - Again, very well said! Who cares how well Halak is or isn't doing, imo. He doesn't play for Montreal....Price does...and Price has been the MOST consistent player so far this season. he is like a metronome and has become completely reliable.

What more can you ask for from him?

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