Tuesday, October 5, 2010

He Said/She Said: What Line Should Lars Eller Play On This Season?

by Kamal Panesar

With the 2010-2011 NHL season almost upon us, our Addict Alley writers, Tyg and Willey, thought it was a good time to put together another He Said/She said piece.

While there are a ton of good topics being discussed, one in particular keeps floating to the surface and that is what line Lars Eller should play on.

Some believe that he should be a top-six winger while others feels he is better suited to the third line centerman's position.

In their latest He Said/She said piece, Tyg and Willey look at both sides of the coin.

Here are their articles:

He Said: What Line Should Lars Eller Play On This Season? by Willey

She Said: What Line Should Lars Eller Play On This Season? by Tyg

So what do you think? Should Lars Eller start the season as a top-six winger or the third line center? Let us and them know what you think!


I honestly believe we can't go wrong with either situation.

I think Thursday will give us a glimpse of Eller on the first line however in the long run I believe Eller will be destined for top six duty. While Eller being on a 3rd line with Boyd and Laps is very tempting I think ultimately Eller will be too good to not force someone out of a job.

Hi JHabs and thanks for your comment!

Well said. We all know by now that Eller will be starting the season on the 1st line, but once Cammy is back, it will be interesting to see how long he stays in the bottom-six.

Knowning Martin, he will give AK and Pouliot a reasonable chance to have success in the top-6 but, that patience will wane come December.

I think Eller will very likely finish the year in the top-6 but I like him as a center on line 3, personally.

i think lars eller will be a very good player for the habs but he wont make an immediate impact. He got great sets of skillz and i cant wait till he becomes a regular comtributor in the future....jawdroppa lol i havent opened an account yet and its my first post.

Thanks for your comment, Jawdroppa! Glad your posted your thoughts!

Well said my friend and ultimatley why I would prefer that Eller starts the season on the third line. Give him time, bring him along slowly, and he will be a regular contributor in the future.

If they rush him too much, he might stumble and could lose confidence.

It should be interesting to see how and where Martin decides to use him.

Thanks again for your post, and make sure it's not your last!

nah it wont be my last haha starting from this season imma start blogging....i usually only read blogs but never write anything...and ive stumble here cause of bleacherreport.com so yea i love talking hockey.

Very cool! Are you going to be writing about the Habs too?

Feel free to come talk Habs with us here anytime!

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